Tired of Oily Messes? Put an Air Fryer Oven in your Life!

Tired of Oily Messes? Put an Air Fryer Oven in your Life!

Nothing tastes better than fried food, especially if you cook it yourself at home. Unfortunately, it usually means wasted oil, dirty kitchens, and more calories than you wished for. Unless you own an air fryer oven, that is! This is our experience with one of these miraculous appliances.

Being at home due to the global pandemic, many of us tried to make the most out of these uncertain times by rediscovering a somehow unexplored corner of our home: the kitchen! If anything,  quarantining brought the opportunity of improving our culinary skills. Pandemic cooking is a thing now. But cooking hot meals doesn’t always feel right this time of year.

And we get it. It’s Summertime. There are like 90 degrees outside. The last thing you want to do is to fill your small apartment with the hellish heat coming out from your oven. Well, how about using an air fryer oven then? It’s not only cleaner and uses fewer resources, but its small size guarantees a more tolerable atmosphere when cooking. We always wanted to try one to see it work in action. Frying without oil? What kind of arcane magic is this? Well…it works! We tried the Aria 10Qt Air Fryer Oven, and it’s working wonders with our fried cravings.

Oil? Forget about it!

air fryer oven

So, first things first. We’re talking about an appliance that allows you to fry using hot air instead of oil. That, for starters, is awesome. Not only you can save that precious golden liquid for another time but also reduce up to 90% of fat in your food. So, it’s a cleaner, healthier way to cook and eat. Its second main advantage is its almost endless versatility: this multi-tasking beast works as a roaster, microwave, toaster, convection oven, and broiler, among other functionalities. You can roast a whole chicken (yes, it fits!), dehydrate fruit and meat, and, of course, fry the hell out of basically anything you want. The choices are vast, allowing you to clear your countertop of additional appliances. The air fryer oven is perfect for reheating delicate stuff like pizza slices or quiches without getting nasty results (looking at you, microwave), as well as heating the perfect breakfast toast. So long, toaster. To make your life even easier, it includes 8 built-in presets to nail the cooking time of chicken, seafood, fries, or dessert. Finally, it has eco-friendly, Teflon-free materials that are easy and safe to wash.

Let’s roll!

air fryer oven

Apart from the trays, a handle, and a recipe book, this air fryer oven includes a pretty handy spinning cage and a rotating rotisserie attachment. So, let’s do this and make some french fries!

It’s pretty easy, actually. First of all, take the trays out of the oven (except the black drip tray at the bottom). Put your fries into the cage, close the lid, and lock it inside. Close the door of the air fryer oven, turn it on, and push the rotate button on the front panel to make the cage spin. If it doesn’t, then the cage is not properly locked in place and you will need to try again. The cooking time and temperature will drastically vary depending on the potatoes used: if they’re frozen, it’ll take longer than using homemade fries.

air fryer oven

When it’s done, always remember to use the handle to take the boiling-hot cage from the inside of the oven. Be equally careful opening the lid to let the fries out!

And there you go: healthy, non-greasy fries! No mess, no dirt, no hassle. And it tastes great, boosting the potato inner flavor by keeping it free of oily distractions.

So now you know: if you love fried food (and who doesn’t, right?) but like to be cautious with the calories you eat or just hate to waste oil, an air fryer oven is meant to be your new best friend at the kitchen.


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