Five sulfate-free shampoos

Hello beauties! Because beautiful weather is on the way and the levels of humidity are spiking in da city, my curls tend to go out of control. However, I have found out that a good shampoo + conditioner regime can do wonders to avoid having flyaways. The reason behind this is that ever since I found good non-drying formulas my hair is no longer dehydrated, and able to bounce back to its shape.

However, not every shampoo is created equal. I’m personally very allergic to Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and its derivatives (meaning harsh detergents, which also make a lot of foam), so finding good sulfate-free shampoos has been a long quest of mine. If that is your problem too, or if you’re looking to avoid certain ingredients, this article is for you. Keep on reading to discover my secrets for a long and healthy sulfate free mane! My selection includes traditional and 100% natural formulas.

1. Marc Anthony Professional Hydrating Coconut Oil and Shea Butter Sulfate Free Shampoo ($7.99 at Ulta): Under this extremely long name you can find one of the best drugstore sulphate-free shampoos I have ever tested. This gentle formula cleans wonderfully, is very hydrating (which is my nr. 1 goal given I have very curly hair), and is color safe. It includes biotin in its formula, which in Europe is used to promote hair growth by creating a healthy scalp.

2. Acure Moroccan Argan Stem Cell and Argan Oil Shampoo ($9.99/ 8 oz. and $19.99/ 24 oz.): This is the 100% natural and vegan sulphate-free alternative for those going green. Extremely moisturizing, it leaves hair soft and revives curls with an extra bounce without chemical ingredients (even the fragrance is natural.) Its formula boasts an impressive combo of organic argan oil, argan stem cells, co-enzime Q10 and sea buckthorn oil. This shampoo doesn’t foam a lot (which means it doesn’t have harsh detergents), but it cleans heavenly well and is a great green choice for you and the planet!

3. Fresh Monster Shampoo and Body Wash in Ocean Splash ($6.49 at Target): If you are the lazy type, or if you have kids in your household, why don’t go sulphate-free for the whole family? I have personally tested this line of toxin-free kids shampoos and they’re a great go-to staple for the summer. Just bring this bottle with you to the gym, beach, or resort and have an all-in-one gentle solution for hair and body. Although this is not a completely natural product if that’s what you’re looking for, it still scores a 2 in the EWG guidelines, so it’s a great intro to cleaner formulas for the whole family.

4. Redken Curvaceous No Foam Highly Conditioner Cleanser ($18.50 at professional salons): If you are really looking for a sulphate-free and paraben-free no-poo formula that is also extremely effective in shaping gorgeous curls, you have to check out Redken’s line of conditioning cleansers with curl memory complex. Extremely moisturizing and always reliable, it’s my go-to staple for extra humid days. It just gives me a good hair day at all times!

5. Osmotics Cosmeceuticals Blue Copper 5 Prime Volumizing Shampoo ($28): Osmotics has recently launched a new haircare line featuring their celebrated blue copper formula. Their shampoo promotes fuller-looking hair and increases shine without any harsh detergents. Color safe, this is the ideal choice for thin, damaged, or aging manes that need an extra oomph. Its formula includes Copper Peptide and soothing and hydrating natural botanicals to help create a growth-promoting scalp and fortify the hair follicles. It also reduces sebum build-up on the scalp and effectively cleanses any product leftovers (ahem, silicones) that can asphyxiate the follicles. This is a great sulfate-free product for those whose hair loss is a concern. I have personally used this product for three weeks and my mane looks fuller and revived!

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