Revisited Classics: 9 Original Gifts for Men

‘Tis the time of the season to begin scratching your head to find the perfect gift for that gentleman in your life. Here, at New York For Beginners, we support the idea that classics never die. That is why we have created a Holiday Gift Guide for men with a twist: Revisited classics. Read on to learn more!

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original holiday gifts for men

1. Remington Beard and Goatee Trimmer Set at Big Lots ($12): Rocking a well-groomed beard can be quite complicated. Trimming it with scissors is a high-risk sport, and the difference between a sexy stubble and a disheveled look depends on just a few millimeters of hair. That is why this trimmer designed to keep beard and goatee owners happy is the best gift ever: It has two different length guide combs and a stubble guide to transition from a perfect 3-day-beard look to a well-kept regal-looking fuzz. Affordable, portable, and very easy to use, it will quickly become an object of cult in that special gentleman’s bathroom.

2. Premium Blend EDT by Penguin ($65): Do you have someone on your list with a sailor soul? Then, this fragrance is for you. Inspired by a coastal road trip, this fragrance screams freedom, sea, salt, wind, and adventures. With exhilarating notes of crisp citrus and spearmint, an effervescent marine heart of sea salt and rosemary, and a background of fresh musk and classical vetiver, Penguin Premium Blend is a well-rounded fragrance. Unique, long-lasting, and perfect for every occasion, the very clean scent of the classic Penguin Premium Blend will quickly become a staple in that gentleman’s grooming routine.

3. Bamboo Diffuser by Young Living Essential Oils ($111.51 retail / $84.75 wholesale): Nowadays, we all are overworked and overstressed. That is why essential oils play a big part in my life; they are an all-natural, nontoxic, and safe way to scent my house while they set my mood for bigger and better things. This Bamboo Diffuser makes the perfect gift for any gentleman on your list because chances are he will appreciate something that helps him unwind by literally doing nothing. Very easy to use by just filling the reservoir with water and a few drops of the chosen fragrance, it spreads a fine mist using ultrasonic technology to preserve the properties of the essential oils while making them easier to absorb by the body. Plus, the bamboo-inspired slender design matches any office or home decor. Insider tip: Make sure you add a good-quality essential oil to the package in a relaxing or invigorating scent, such as lavender, peppermint, or lemon.

4. Basic Shave Set by Badger ($41): Whether you’re gifting a wet shaving enthusiast or a beginner, it is important to find the best tools of the trade. This shaving set by Badger puts the twist on the traditional gift by using their insider knowledge of the vegetable realm to the service of the beards of the world. The gift set contains a bottle of Badger pre-shave oil to prep the skin, soften and lift the facial hair; an all-natural shave soap with a lot of lather and zero nasties, and a moisturizing and calming after-shave tonic. Wrapped up in a gift box with retro illustrations of the most famous Badger in the beauty world (sorry, Stoffel!), it is a perfect gift that will not go unnoticed. Insider tip: The soap lasts so long that your gentleman won’t notice if you steal a bit for shaving your legs. That lather is really luxurious! {This is a 100% natural product certified Organic by the USDA}

5. India Ink by Heretic Parfums ($260 / 100 ml): I, for one, am a true believer that the best fragrances are unisex. What perfume you wear should really depend on what scents you particularly like; plus, the same scent smells very differently on each person. Heretic Parfums creates niche and all-natural fragrances with high-quality ingredients. Extremely evocative, India Ink is an aromatic spicy fragrance with top notes of star anise, cloves and incense; an amyris middle note, and an agarwood (oud) base note. Tremendously evocative with a glorious decadent hint, this fragrance makes the perfect gift for the green gentleman in your life that is looking for a truly 100% natural perfume. {This is a 100% natural product}

6. Crab Multi-Tool  by Kikkerland ($20): This delightful marine rascal just wants to lend a helping claw. Created with a sturdy wooden shell for stability, it contains a mini scissor, a bottle opener, a 3/16 flat head screwdriver, a can opener, a mini knife, and a rope saw. Gone are the days where gifting a Swiss knife was considered too 1980s. This is a tremendously fun and useful gift that will be used again and again.

7. The Polka Set by Related Garments ($35): Isn’t it time someone put a twist on the traditional underwear gifts? Unfortunately for too many men, boxers seem to be the #1 most-loathed gift because they usually are an easy resort “for someone too lazy to scour something I really like” (yes, I’m directly quoting some of the gentlemen in my life.) However, the gift sets by Related Garments modernize the traditional gift to something that is actually likedand appreciated. Polka is a curated set of matching boxer briefs, long socks, and no-show short socks for the discerning gentleman that likes to show his fashion taste in an understated way. Comfortable, fashion-forward, and coordinated, Polka is just one of the many models of matching garments available. If you like the idea, don’t hesitate to check out their subscription box: It makes a terrific gift!

8. Mini Comb with Bottle Opener by Go Comb ($16): I really like the idea behind Go-Comb: It’s so small it can be fit in your wallet! This mini comb takes the idea to the next step by adding a bottle opener. Perfect to party, it is great for taking hair of short hair, beards and mustaches and open beers. Designed with love in Brooklyn with stainless steel, this gift will delight hard partiers and lumberjacks alike!

9. Softening Hand Wash by Sea Bottle ($20 / 8 fl oz): If preserving the oceans deeply resonates with that gentleman you want to gift, look no more. Sea Bottle carefully crafts premium personal care products withouth harsh synthetic chemicals. This gentle softening hand wash is also bottled in an eco-friendly, 100% degradable frost glass bottle to keep oceans clean while making the recipient look and feel great.

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