14 Wellness Gifts for the Self-Care Obsessed

Wellness gifts 2018

We have found the best wellness gifts for those who place self-care at their top of their letters to Santa.

In an era where we all struggle to reconcile our real lives and our virtual selves, those moments devoted to unwind and be present are the best gifts we can give and receive. This holiday gift guide celebrates those precious instants we devote to wellness and self-care, and is filled with ideas to gift that special person who deserves a little bit of TLC.

The best wellness gifts 2018

1. Goodnight Darling Starter Set ($75.00): Goodnight Darling knows very well how important it is to sleep for your overall health, and has evolved their product line to be a go-to to change the lives of sleep deprived entrepreneurs, parents, and creatives. This beautiful gift set is a 4-piece relaxation toolkit to help promote a restful sleep without the need of meds. Drawing inspiration from the wanderluster lifestyle, this gift set is formulated to help cope with stress, racing thoughts, endless to-do lists, tossing and turning, and the relentless rythm of social media. The Deep Detox bath soak is a beautiful concoction to escape the urban jungle in your own apartment. With a savvy blend of pink Himalayan and Dead Sea salts, it is rich in magnesium to help fight fatigue. Paired up with rose petals and soothing eucalyptus and lavender essential oils, it feels like a mini staycation after a particularly harrowing and long day. The Fade To Black herbal tea is nature’s solution to the restless mind. This botanical blend is an herbal infusion of clove, catnip, passion flower, lavender, pink rose petals, and valerian root. To set the mood for a restful and rejuvenating sleep, the set also includes a Black Lavender wooden wick candle that relaxes the senses with notes of sea salt and lavender. Hand-poured and made with natural soy, this artisan candle smells like a faraway beach and takes the mind to the present moment. Last, but not least, the Black Lavender body and room spray helps escape the madness with the push of a finger. Highly portable, it is the personal fragrance version of the candle for instant serenity. {This bundle contains products made with 100% natural ingredients. Made in the USA}

2. GuruNanda Kissed Exotics Collection ($59.99): For the wellness-obsessed, this beautiful gift set includes five luxurious essential oil roll-ons in an elegant gold-foiled box. The delicate yet powerful essential oils featured can be used to inspire euphoria, calm the mind, open the heart, and remind our busy minds to enjoy the present moment. Already pre-diluted and eady to use, they also make wonderful natural perfumes for the green beauty lover in your life. Each roll-on is portable and the set comes in TSA-friendly sizes. Scents include Jasmine Kiss, Rose Kiss, Blue Chamomile Kiss, Neroli Kiss and Immortelle Kiss Helichrysum. A beautiful kit to rest the mind and take to yoga class, this is the perfect wellness gift for the aromatherapy-savvy lady. {This is a 100% natural product. Made in the USA}

3. Kikkerland Sound Pebble ($27.50): Give the gift of tranquility with this white-noise making machine. With 6-8 hours of interrupted playtime, this cute pebble features six different sounds to help your loved ones unwind: Ambient Noise, Campfire, Falling Rain, Rainforest, River, and Ocean Waves. The perfect wellness gift for those who live in the concrete jungle, it is soothing enough to help me sleep through the very weird habits of my adorable neighbors. And believe me, that is quite a feat!

4. Moso Active Life Mini Purifying Bags ($9.99): Looking for a fun stocking stuffer? These little guys are the chemical-free solution to fight foul odors in shoes, gym bags, and sporting equipment. Made with moso bamboo charcoal, these eco-friendly bags work continuously to offer your wellness-obsessed constant protection against bad smells and excess moisture. The bamboo charcoal is sealed inside a beautifully stitched linen bag which can be placed on any surface or material. Chemical and fragrance-free, the Moso Bags are safe to use around people and pets. {This is a 100% natural product. Made in the USA}

5. 50 Ways To Draw Your Beautiful Ordinary Life: Practical Lessons in Pencil and Paper ($24.95): Do you have a loved one who likes to create art to unwind but has been let down by most how-to-draw manuals? Unlike other publications, this book comes to the rescue using the wonderful illustrations featured in Flow magazine. Designed with usability in mind, in its pages you can find clear, concise and fun lessons from Flow illustrators in a wide range of styles to give the gift of making art. The book includes a wealth of creative goodies like tracing paper, postcards, and colored paper interspersed throughout the book to help get those creative juices flowing.

6. Color Up Therapeutics Holiday Wind-Down Set ($19.00): If you know someone who is dealing with aches and pains on a daily basis, they might love to test this gift set by Color Up Therapeutics. With hemp-derived CBD known for its anti-inflammatory properties, the gift set features a bath bomb for a relaxing soak and a healing salve to take care of sore muscles. A perfect gift for those who are starting to train for the next New York Marathon, it is a thoughtful way to show how much you care about their wellbeing. Comes packed for gifting in a hemp travel bag with a crystal. {This is a 100% natural product. Made in the USA}

7. Tucketts Cherry Fizz Yoga Socks ($16.00): If you have ever taken a collective class of yoga, pilates, barre or martial arts, you know how gross it can be to work out barefoot. Tucketts comes to the rescue with their specially-designed socks that allow toes to roam freely while keeping soles dry and clean (and safe from the nasties.) Designed with an anti-grip sole and good arch support, they are a wonderful exercising buddy. Made with a high-quality yarn and extremely comfortable, they make an incredible wellness gift for the yoga aficionado in your life. Also available in unisex prints.



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8. Badass Body Goals by Jennifer Cohen and Habit Nest ($39.90): This booty-building and waist-trimming journal is in fact a no-nonsense workout guide to achieve your loved one’s wellness and fitness goals in 10 weeks. Conceived as a personal trainer in a book, the book teaches Jennifer Cohen’s best tips for fat loss and effective workouts, and then provides a step-by-step, daily guide to make fast progress. The workouts incorporates HIIT, resistance training, and core stabilization notions. Perfect for anyone who has ever struggled with sticking to a constant workout routine, this book tackles every single aspect of exercise so your loved ones just need to follow. No overthinking, and no worrying. Just sticking to a new, healthy habit.

9. Spibelt Classic Running Belt ($19.99): Sometimes, all that stands in the way of a good workout is the convenience to store valuables safely. The Spibelt is the perfect gift for the wellness-obsessed because it is small yet mighty. A fun way to keep valuables like a smartphone, keys, or credit cards, it provides safe storage without getting in the way of your movements. Expandable to accommodate the latest phone models, it is a fun gift that comes also very handy for traveling. Available in different pocket sizes and prints.

10. FarmHouse Fresh Coconut Cream Milk Bath Soak ($28.00): A 95% natural product, this bath soak is a decadent wellness experience in a jar. With a dreamy scent that speaks of faraway paradises, its unique formula adds buttery smoothness to bathwater and calms irritated skin. Created using pure whole powdered milk with twenty essential aminoacids and coconut milk high in saturated fats, it is the ultimate pick-me-up treatment after a long day at work. Carefully handcrafted using the best botanicals available – down to the chicory root that soothes upset skin and sweet almond oil for ultimate softness–, this fine sifted concoction makes a beautiful wellness gift to help your loved ones enjoy a much-needed mental break. {This is a 97% natural product. Made in the USA}

11. Hyde Yoga Paradise Organic Cotton Tight ($85.00): Benefiting the victims of the California wildfires, these wonderful organic cotton yoga pants by Hyde will be your loved one’s BFF. Featuring princess seams with moto-inspired pin-tuck detailing for an edgy look,  these tights fall just above the ankle with an angle-cut hem for an extra splash of style. The organic cotton fabric feels comfortable yet substantial, and makes these yoga pants the perfect choice for year-round workouts. The wide-set waistband and gusseted crotch add comfort and flexibility to tackle the most difficult Asanas. Made with love in the USA, this is a wonderful eco-conscious gift for those who love to be in sync with themselves and nature. {This product contains organic cotton. Made in the USA}

12. TUSHY Classic Bidet Attachment ($69.00): TUSHY is a modern rendition of the classic bidet that easily clips to the toilet without electricity, plumbing, or hassle. A complete game-changer for those with sensitive skin issues or a green conscience, this state-of-the-art bidet transforms a regular loo into a luxurious European bathroom.  Available in white, noir, blue and pink, it has pressure and angle control for a targeted spray in your nether parts after you go number 2, number 1, or for a refreshing spa anytime. Because TUSHY is spearheading the world of hygiene with accessible solutions, they surely have a germophobe on board who created a self-cleaning nozzle. The Mary Poppins of affordable bidets, it really can’t get any better (unless they decide to release a leopard print, that is!)

13. LATHER Survive and Thrive Gift Set ($30.00): This holiday survival kit is designed to help cope with the stress of the busy holiday season. Treat yourself or your loved ones to a much-needed self-care kit that includes four products that help achieve a balanced state of mind. This fun gift set includes: A Muscle Ease gel with botanical pain relievers, to help with those cramps after a busy holiday shopping spree; a cucumber and ginseng facial mist to assist in keeping your balance even when the security line at the airport seems to have no end; an Inner Peace meditation balm, to apply at your pulse points before interacting with that family member that you’ve never gotten along with,  and a Frankincense and Sandalwood candle to remind yourself to live in the moment. A beautiful gift for the Hygge enthusiasts, we recommend buying two sets so you can keep one for all your holiday woes. {This product contains natural ingredients. Made in the USA}

14. Source Vital Apothecary Custom Bath Salts ($19.95): The ultimate wellness experience curated by Source Vital, these custom bath salts are the epitome of a tailored self-care ritual. Formulated for an exceptionally scented bath or a concoction to battle specific issues, these bath salts can be customized with your loved one’s name and favorite natural scents, specific functions (such as detox, relax, help with fluid retention, help meditate, or balance the skin), and botanical boosters (algae, kaolin clay, Epsom salts…) A fun way to make a bespoke gift that will guarantee many hours of wellness and relaxation. {This is a 100% natural product. Made in the USA}

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