My Favorite Beauty Products of 2015 (Part II)

Before the Superbowl game begins, I wanted to take the time to share with you the second part of my favorite beauty products of 2015.  However, you should note that these products were not necessarily released last year; while some of the brands have been around for a while, I stumbled upon them in 2015 (which, by the way, was rich in product discoveries and new additions to my ever-growing make-up bag!)

It’s Raining Beauty Hacks… Hallelujah!

12. Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil by Clarins ($54). Conceived to restore hydration and radiance to normal and dry skin types, this wonderful product is formulated with 100% premium natural ingredients. The combination of patchouli, blue orchid and hazelnut oil is one of the best formulas I’ve ever used to replenish and re-balance my extremely dry skin. I usually mix a few drops with my day cream and use it alone as a serum before my night cream. In only two weeks, this amazing formula helped me survive the extreme temperature changes in New York City. What’s more, it absorbs quickly and smells wonderful! This product scores a solid 10/10. I always carry it with me!

13. Electric Toothbrush for Sensitive Teeth, ISSA by Foreo ($199.99). I have to confess I suffer from tooth sensitivity ever since I was a kid. That is the reason why I was extremely happy to discover that Foreo had come up with a sonic toothbrush that cleans teeth and massages gums way more gently than I could have ever expected. I adopted this device in late October, and I could never go back to a regular toothbrush! Its gentle bristles are exactly what my sensitive gums need, and my teeth seem to be whiter. It’s a total win-win that deserves a 20/10 in the pure awesomeness scale!

14. Five-free Nail Polish in Rose Bowl by Lauren B Beauty ($18) This cruelty-free and vegan-friendly nail polish has everything: An extremely vibrant color that lasts nearly a week without retouching and a formula created without nasties (no resin, camphor, toluene, DBP or formaldehydes.) What’s more, this nail polish is ideal for those who -like myself- suck at painting their own nails: It has a double cap, allowing you to use a square or a round handle for more control; it dries super quickly, and the brush is designed to give a streak-free result. With its amazing formula alone it scores a whooping 9.5/10, but gets extra points for these tiny details.

15. Smoky Eye Brush Kit by Etos at Stop and Shop. This trio of brushes is my secret weapon for creating quick smoky eye looks without over complicating my routine. The kit includes an eye shadow brush to pat neutral colors on the eyelid, a smudger to deliver the exact amount of pigment needed in the creases, and an eyeliner brush to line the upper and lower lashes. Designed in Europe and extremely affordable, this set scores an 8.5/10.

16. All Good Goop Balm by Elemental Herbs ($13.99). This handcrafted healing balm is made with totally natural ingredients and organic herbs and olive oil. A multi-tasking product, I use it sparingly to treat my cracked hands in the winter, to soften dry spots in my face, to help my skin heal kitchen burns and insect bites, and to diminish the appearance of scars. To me, it’s the natural equivalent to Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Balm. It scores a solid 10/10.

17. Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 47 by Josie Maran ($32). I discovered this fantastic formula as part of a gift pack available at Sephora this last Christmas season. It protects my skin from the sun while giving it a beautiful sunkissed hint thanks to the pigments in the formula. Very hydrating and quick-absorbing, is my go-to product when I don’t have time to use my natural sunscreen alternatives, which take a while to absorb. Although the formula is not completely natural, I haven’t had any problems with my otherwise sensitive skin. It scores a 9/10.

Put Your Pretty Pout

18. Private Jets, by Gold Label Cosmetics ($14) This beauty is the perfect shade to wear to a job interview or to pull off a natural look. Highly pigmented, long-lasting and not too drying, the formula is also cruelty-free and contains no parabens or gluten traces (which is extremely important for the high percentage of the gluten intolerant population who also suffer from gluten contact intolerance.) What’s more, this beautiful shade compliments all skin tones. It scores a 8.5/10.

19. Hibiscus, Joli Rouge Brillant by Clarins ($28). A beautiful sheer shade in between my favorite pink and the classical red rouge. Ultra shiny and extremely durable, this love child of a lip gloss and a traditional lipstick is one of my 2016 staple beauty pieces. I have to confess that Clarins is my favorite brand in what refers to lipsticks for two reasons: First, because they create gorgeous colors. Second, because their super hydrating formulas stay long in the lips even in the midst of the cold winter. Because it’s pure gorgeousness and very comfortable to wear, it scores a 9.5/10.

20. Natural lipstick in Red by The Organic Pharmacy ($39). If you are looking for formulas to turn your make-up bag into a green haven while keeping your signature red look, this lipstick is what you have been looking for. Created only with natural ingredients and infused with Shea Butter, Castor Oil, Green Tea, Grape, Lemon and Orange, its formula protects and nourishes whilst looking glam. Although it’s not as long-lasting as its traditional counterparts containing synthetic molecules, the fact that it’s totally natural and high-performing makes up for the fact that you need to reapply it in the afternoon. Taking into account that we ladies eat a ginormous quantity of lipstick over the course of our lives, for me it’s important to put things on my lips that I would also put in my plate. Because of its vibrant color and its natural composition, it scores a 9.5/10.

21. Organic lipstick in Primrose by 100% Pure ($24). There are many reasons why 100% Pure should be named my personal discovery of 2015. I have been writing about natural and organic cosmetics for over eight years, and this is the first brand that I come across that has a cohesive make-up line that delivers on its promises, and that can completely replace (and sometimes outperform) its chemical counterparts. 

Their lipsticks are not an exception to this rule; aside from delivering a consistently beautiful and vibrant color, they are perfect to fight the extreme weather conditions of an East Coast harsh winter. Primrose is a fruit-pigmented lipstick created with a proprietary technique that transforms fruits into gorgeous and vibrant colors. Completely natural and free from toxins, synthetic dyes or anything remotely artificial, it is formulated with pomegranate oil and shea butter to provide immediate moisture and create an anti-ageing barrier on the lips. Because its high content in shea butter makes it a bit heavier than the formulas I usually resort to, I use a small lip brush for a flawless application. This alone makes it score a 9/10 (especially because I don’t like to carry around a lip brush), but its incredible and unique formula gives it some extra points and scores a solid 10/10.

And this ends my 2015 beauty discoveries. How was your year? Do we share any favorite products? Thank you very much for reading my posts and leaving your comments!

Disclosure level 1: The author was not compensated to express her opinion. The author received samples for consideration-only of a few of the products mentioned in this post, which did not alter the opinions expressed in this post. The rest of the products were purchased by the author herself. There are NO affiliate links in this post.


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