Mr. Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate February 2017

There’s something unique in the innate pleasure of building stuff. From the moment we learn how to use our opposable thumbs as little kids, making dreams come true with Playmobil figures, Lego bricks, Play Doh! clay or any other material we had around, we spend our whole life enjoying the sheer satisfaction of creating our little big projects.  Part of this fascination connecting pieces together is precisely the essence of many popular culture sagas. Franchises like Transformers, Power Rangers, Tetris or the always popular Lego wouldn’t make sense without that DIY component. Therefore, this Lootcrate’s February edition is dedicated to our inner architect, the one who keeps mentally forming blocks in order to build the most amazing vehicles, weapons and heroes ever. Time to work, folks!

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– Let’s begin with the biggest item on the whole set. Because, is there anybody cooler than Batman? Yes, there is…Lego Batman! This huge food container has been designed to keep the temperature of your favorite snacks, but we are sure that many of you would prefer to just use it as a perfect complement for your bat-cave. Holy canned soup, Batman!

– From the Dark Knight to another classic member of the Justice League, the DC Comic’s most famous super team that will blast the theaters very soon.. This awesome Lego Dimensions Cyborg and Cyber Guard figures are one of the coolest things we’ve ever found in any crate. Among the rest of the random Lego Dimensions options there are some Lego The Movie characters and even a Wonder Woman…which one did you get?

– Time to move to another beloved saga that will also be among the biggest hits in the big screen: Go, go, Power Rangers! The armored teenage super team that made a defined a whole generation is back, and for sure one of the most sought-after moments in the movie will be the epic assembly of the iconic Megazord. A dreamlike construct that you can now show in all its dino-glory with this impressive T-shirt with the Megazord’s blueprints. It’s morphin’ time!

– Game wise, many would immediately associate construction genre to the saga initiated by the revolutionary Sim City. But, if we really think about it…is there really any better example than those hundreds of hours playing Tetris, trying to organize those tricky blocks in order to build the perfect tower? With these magnets, you don’t need a console anymore…a fridge will do the trick if you want to imagine a perfect game anytime you fancy a midnight snack.

– This month’s Lootpin unlocks some Power Rangers comic books.

Don’t keep your tools yet, because there’s still more building to do. With Lootwear‘s exclusive clothes and accessories, your creations will build even cooler!

Voltron and Transformers are the robotic franchises selected for February’s socks.

– And speaking of Voltron, prepare to combine those socks with one of the most amazing underwear we’ve ever seen! 

– This month’s T-shirt depicts the Nomad ND-1 vehicle from the successful video game Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles female fans…you are in luck! This pizza-shaped mini purse is just perfect and a pure delight to wear. Even the bag imitates a pizza box! Kudos, Lootwear! 

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Gone is February. ¿Which surprises will the Spring bring us?

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