Mr Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate October 2016

¿Are you one of those who enjoy being afraid? ¿Can’t you help but keep watching the goriest carnage in the whole movie while the rest of the theatre squeal in horror? If that’s the case, we are sure that Halloween is one of your favorite times of the year. Such an horrifying and special date deserves a crate that lives up to its name, and thus the Lootcrate team has filled October with the scariest items ever. An absolute nightmare box that will make you stay up all night with pure popular culture terror. Dare to open it?

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– Let’s start with one of the nastiest and horrifying faces of the slasher genre…with an unexpected and adorable twist! Who could imagine that Leatherface, the macabre killer from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre saga, could be anyhow cute? Lootcrate, that’s who. Regardless if you receive the sad or the happy version (50% chance in any box), this original and exclusive plush doll will surely put a weird smile in your face.

– The next item belongs to another indisputable classic of teenage massacre movies: Friday the 13rd. The bloody franchise starring implacable zombie Jason Vorhees is perfectly represented with this creepy Camp Crystal Lake pennant, the apparently peaceful summer retreat where all began..

– Undoubtedly one of the funniest and more interesting items of this crate, this exclusive The Legion of Regrettable Supervillains book guarantees hours of surprises and laughs with a list of the most absurd baddies from the Golden Age of comic books. An essential addendum for the also exclusive The League of Regrettable Superheroes that Lootcrate released last year. 

– But is this month’s T-Shirt the one thing that will awake a varied range of emotions among the looters. Anger. Rage. Fear. Extreme sadness. All of that, maybe, sprinkled with a fair amount of dark humor. Because no The Walking Dead fan can remain indifferent to this exclusive and spectacular T-Shirt portraying Negan, the most hated villain of the moment, with his deadly Lucille ready to hit something else than mere baseball balls.

– ¿Any Freddy Krueger fan around? The iconic monster who haunted our nightmares for years turns into an unexpected kitchen buddy with to these original chopsticks. Ideal to eat sushi, sashimi or any other Asian delicacy that you want to terrorize before eating it.

– Lastly, October’s Lootpin unlocks special content for the insanely funny video game Superfight.

¡But there’s more! In the base of this Lootcrate you will find this horrifying The Walking Dead zombie mask. Now you’re ready to terrorize the neighborhood this Halloween. Or whenever you want, actually. 

For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

Boo!! Did we scare you? Anyway, don’t leave so soon, because we still have the Level Up! expansion to check the most terrifying clothes and accessories for the most demanding fashionista monsters!

– Let’s begin with the essential socks: this month’s, it’s A Nightmare Before Christmas and The Walking Dead turn!

– An speaking of the successful zombie saga, son’t miss these awesome The Walking Dead underwear filled with all kinds of weaponry to finish those annoying walkers!

– Now that it’s starting to get chilly out there, this long sleeved T-shirt inspired by the grim corporation Weyland-Yutani will be treasured by any fan of the Aliens saga.

– If, on the other hand, you are more into short sleeves, Lootcrate has you covered: Shaun of the Dead T-shirt, for him, and the classic goth icon Edward Scissorhands for her.

Enough fear for today. Next month we will receive a crate full of Magic to put a spell on our collection. Harry Potter, Dr. Strange…we can’t wait until November!

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