Mr. Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate April 2017

There’s something about a good ol’ mistery that we just can’t resist. An irresolvable homicide case. A tenacious detective wok that leads into an intrincate governmental conspiracy. A human search through the woods that suddenly shows an impossible paranormal side…Investigation is the essence of human curiosity, and a key factor in some of the best TV shows, movies, video games and comics books ever created. April’s Lootcrate will reveal your inner investigator with these cool items. The game is afoot!

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Jessica Jones is not only one of the best Marvel shows produced by Netflix, but one of the popular streaming provider’s finest creations. The detective thriller starred by the surly and absolutely badass private investigator Jessica Jones is an awesome example of a great super hero show that anybody can enjoy to its fullest. But the rude and suspicious Jessica also has a cute side, as this precious QMX figurine perfectly shows. Another great addition to the Q Fig! collection to enjoy while we anxiously wait for Season 2.

– And speaking of Netflix’s hits, this month’s T-shirt is dedicated to one of the best shows we had last year: Stranger Things. The beloved (and terrifying!) journey into the Upside Down is awesomely recreated with this design inspired in one of the most iconic X-Men covers of comic book history. Dust off your vintage synthesizer and prepare your Eggos stash, because Eleven and the rest of the gang will be back very soon!

– “The truth is out there”…one of the best TV lines ever, from one of the most revolutionary detective shows ever. Now you can also try to solve the X-Files and keep track of your discoveries with this cool pencil + sharpener set displaying some other great quotes of this recently renewed classic. Because we want to believe, and so does Lootcrate.

– Last, but not least, we couldn’t forget the best super hero investigator of all time. The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader…the Detective in Detective Comics. The Batman. This month we find a mug with a hidden misery on it. Riddle me this, Batman! What would happen if you heat the mug with your hot milk in the microwave?

– Finally, March’s Lootpin unlocks The X-Files digital comic books.

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Mystery solved! But,  what surprises will we find in May?

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