Review: The Brush Guard protects your make-up brushes

The germophobe that lives in me cringes every time I see my make-up tools get dusty just because I keep them in a mason jar for easy access and a touch of girlishness in my apartment. Luckily, there is a company that thinks exactly like me and creates wonderful guards for make-up brushes and cleansing products to keep bacteria away. Ladies and gentlemen, meet The Brush Guard (a.k.a. the germophobe squad.)

I’m not the only one saying it: Make-up brushes can be laden with bacteria. Aside from the icky factor that can vary from person to person, the truth is that a dirty make-up tool can be the cause behind nasty acne breakouts and other skin problems. Not to mention that IMHO nobody in their sane mind can use and clean their make-up brushes on a daily basis (I personally just don’t have the time, no matter how many formulas I have tried!)

The Brush Guard’s graphics are too cute even for my germophobia

That is why I really liked The Brush Guard. Not only do they sell a wonderful cleaning system (The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit), but they accompany it with their extremely effective brush guards that keep my babies safe from dust, mites, dirt, and protects them when I carry them in my purse.

What I like most about The Brush Guard cleansing system is that this is the only company to have come up with a solution to dry brushes upside down (yes, upside down) to avoid rusting on the handle (which happens to be the part of the brush where the glue is nestled) while protecting the shape of the brush and the integrity of the bristles at the same time. Too good to be true? Here’s how you do it!

How To Use The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit


1. Wet your make-up brush completely and use a teeny tiny amount of their shampoo on the sudsing surface of the washing cup.
2. Rub the bristles of your adored brushes gently against the textured surface to squeaky-clean them!
3. Rinse the brush thoroughly by filling the washing cup and swirling it until all the lather is gone.
4. Check the color of the water. It will show you the ickyness factor of your brushes. My last brush laundry scored a 9/10.
5. Blot with the blue cloth included in the kit and shape the bristles carefully.
6. Slide The Brush Guard past the end of the bristles. It’s very important that you choose the right size to ensure a snug fit.
7. Dry your brush, bristles down, in the drying vase. Yes, you won’t need to find a ginormous flat surface to put your brush collection to dry. Just the vase will do it! (This is incredibly handy for those of us living in a New York Apartment, also known as a Dignified Wardrobe.)

I personally haven’t tried using The Brush Guard without their Cleaning Kit, but to my understanding you can still use The Brush Guard and a Mason Jar to enhance your routine cleansing method if you have your own brush shampoo of choice.

Why I liked The Brush Guard

My Sonia Kashiuk Brushes love The Brush Guard!

The Brush Guards on themselves are great to shape and protect your make-up brushes for storage, travel, or even your daily commute. It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on a wonderful set of make-up brushes if they are only going to last you a year because the bristles start to fall off, right? And, on the other hand, why would you want to put clean makeup on a clean face with dirty brushes?

I have to confess it took me a while to figure out which was the best Brush Guard for my babies. It is not that their instructions aren’t clear; it has to do with the fact that I had never used a product like that. If you want to try them out, I highly recommend that you purchase their Cleaning Kit ($38.95), which includes the Squeaky Clean Brush Shampoo, the blotting cloth, the washing cup and drying vase, and a packet of multi-size brush guard to decide whether you like the system or not.

The Brush Guard gets extra points because the brush shampoo is made with organic extracts and some safe synthetics, they don’t use Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (to which I’m terribly allergic), all the guards are made from recycled material and in the USA (so by choosing them you will be supporting your local economy, which is a deal-breaker for me) and they support the ARC by providing jobs to people with disabilities. And they have come up with the cutest bacteria illustrations ever. What’s not to like?

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