Toast The Holiday Season With a Cream Sherry Eggnog Cocktail!

Toast The Holiday Season With a Cream Sherry Eggnog Cocktail!

The holidays are here! It’s time to gather with your loved ones, exchange gifts, and treat your palate with fancy tastes. And we don’t just mean food. Very few things can warm your spirit like a fashionable drink among friends. Because eggnog is an absolute favorite every winter, we want to share with you a twist of this seasonal classic: the Cream Sherry Eggnog Cocktail!

Considered the number 1 Sherry brand in the world, John Harvey & Sons was founded in 1796 in Bristol, UK. Almost 90 years later, the company took the world by surprise by creating a drink like no other: the “cream” Sherry. During the 19th century, Harveys became one of the planet’s top importers of sherry from the Bay of Cádiz, in Spain. No wonder that its Bristol Cream became in 1895 the only Spanish product with a Royal Warrant from the Queen of England!

The Spanish aperitivo that fits in every home

Now, make no mistake: this is not a cream liqueur, but a true Sherry (originally called “Jerez” due to the Spanish town where this versatile wine was invented). Actually, Harveys Bristol Cream is the result of combining some of Jerez’s finest wines, blending Pedro Ximenez, palomino, and oloroso among other select grapes that provide chestnutty and amber tones resulting in an elegant, velvety flavor.

It’s hard to notice this traditional origin though, due to its thick richness and full body. This makes it an ideal choice to put the sherry on top (did you see what we did there?) of any soirée. Just pair it with your favorite Christmas treats or incorporate it into beloved holiday recipes such as glazed pecans or pumpkin pies.  Your buddies will come back in no time! What, no food on the table? That’s fine. Just serve some glasses of Harveys Bristol Cream with ice and a slice of orange or chilled at 12 °C accompanied by apple and ginger. And speaking of cold…the label’s logo on the bottle turns blue when the Sherry reaches the perfect temperature. Now, how cool is that?

Shaking things up at The Apartment!

Recently, Harveys teamed up with influencer Elliot Clark (aka The Apartment Bartender) for a super fun virtual presentation and tasting to learn how to prepare the best Sherry Eggnog Cocktail in town. This self-proclaimed “cocktail nerd” based in Denver guided us during the process of nailing a delicious and refreshing Cream Sherry Eggnog Cocktail in a natural and super-easy way to follow thanks to the awesome cocktail shaker kits provided by Modern Mixology. We all felt like Tom Cruise, measuring the exact amounts of ingredients with professional mixology tools and shaking our cocktails like true pros! A really satisfying experience filled with trade secrets, fun anecdotes about Harveys and the cocktail-making scene, and, of course, sweet libations.

Here’s the full recipe for the perfect Cream Sherry Eggnog Cocktail:

2 ounces of Harveys Bristol Cream Sherry

1 teaspoon of powdered sugar (you can also use regular sugar)

1 pinch of cinnamon

1 whole egg 

2 ounces of milk


Just mix everything together in the cocktail shaker and start shaking! Take your time to let all the ingredients blend properly and then add more nutmeg to the mix if you want (be sure that the shaker is properly closed and that you hold it tightly with both hands to avoid embarrassing accidents!). Pour it into your glass and add a stylish final touch by garnishing it with a cinnamon stick (or grate it, just like Elliot did). And that’s it! A seasonal crowd-pleaser with a twist. Oh, and here’s a pro tip: if you have time, place a cocktail glass in your freezer for a few minutes before preparing your boozy concoction. You’ll be rewarded with a truly refreshing drink!

Ready to give it a go? It’s so easy to make that you’ll be batching a full bottle of this in no time to surprise your holiday visits. Now, that’s a win for the holidays!

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