Self Care Gifts For the Whole Family

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We have curated the perfect self-care gifts to practice Hygge, or the art of living mindfully to rediscover the power and beauty of the simple things in life.

At a time when we all struggle to reconcile our real lives and our virtual selves, those moments devoted to unwind and be present are the best gifts we can give and receive. This holiday gift guide celebrates those precious instants we devote to wellness and self-care, and is filled with ideas to gift that special person who deserves a little bit of extra TLC in this “new normal.”

Self care gifts for the whole family

1.  Dead Mineral Salt Bath by Ahava ($24.00): Because health is mens sana in corpore sano (healthy mind in a healthy body), we all need to take some time to decompress after a long week. The pandemic fatigue is real, and it not only affects our minds, but it can also manifest in sore muscles due to the additional tension, the bad postures picked up at our impromptu home offices, or a bad exercise session at home. Help your loved ones soak their worries away in the Dead Sea’s healing waters at home for a restorative spa experience. With nutrients and minerals to help reset the skin mantle, it also eases muscle tension for a much needed wellness ritual. A naturally therapeutic bath treatment, this 100% natural bath soak includes the essential minerals and nutrients found in Dead Sea bath salts, including magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Believe us: Your loved ones will thank you for this perfect excuse to take some time to take care of themselves. {This product is made with 100% natural and authentic Dead Sea salt}

2. No Nice Girl Swears by Apollo Publishers ($17.99): Give the gift of ye olde good manners with No Nice Girl Swears. This trailblazing guide to the “new etiquette” is back in print 90 years after its original release, and is filled with timeless advice on style, romance, and grace for all situations in life. The perfect gift for that friend who would like to cultivate herself with some vintage wisdom, this book proves that good manners always open doors, whether physical or virtual. Just leave it to a Jazz Era debutante to take you through the many unwritten rules of society. Today it is equal parts time capsule (how to dress for dinner on your transatlantic voyage) and timeless missive (how to ditch a date who’s had a few too many). Forewords by today’s editor in chief of Town & Country and the editor in chief of Vogue from 1914–1952.

3. Wake Up Scrub by Eden Beauty ($69.00): Help your loved ones start the day on the right foot with an instant caffeine kick for face and body. This hydrating multi-tasking scrub is made with a stunning blend of 100% Arabica coffee, organic lavender, and other natural goodness to wake up and tighten skin in style. Perfect to achieve a balanced glow as part of a daily beauty routine, this scrub is one of the bestselling products of Eden Beauty for a good reason: It is gentle, it smells like your favorite coffee place, and it leaves face and body hydrated and glowing. Coffee is a vasodilator, which means it encourages blood flow. And that is actually great news, because this scrub may decrease the appearance of puffiness on the face before that super important Zoom meeting or the family holiday pictures. And a single tub lasts a long time! A perfect gift for the clean beauty enthusiast, this scrub has been one of our best clean beauty discoveries of the year. {This is a 100% natural product made lovingly in the USA}

4. A Zero Waste Life in 30 Days by Apollo Publishers ($17.99): Dare to declutter without going full-on Marie Kondo with this beautiful guide to improving your life and your impact on the planet by reducing waste without sacrificing your lifestyle. A wonderful gift for those who are looking to make a change after being cooped up in their apartment for months, it is a perfect guide to reconfigure your consumption without losing the things that truly spark your joy. Filled to the brim with hands-on advice from an eco-luxe champion, this book proves that you can be eco-friendly and have a great style. We promise. Plus, the charming illustrations don’t hurt either!

5. Post Workout Spray by Athia ($38.00): Let’s be real for a second: Going to the gym has never been pretty. And now, with the social distancing measures, nobody has time to linger behind in the locker room to do a quick beauty routine post-exercise. If you have a friend who hates getting out of her workouts all red and sweaty, this is a very elegant solution. Athia’s Post Workout Spray was formulated as the perfect solution to protect and calm skin when it needs it the most. With ingredients to close pores to avoid being exposed to harmful pollutants, toxins and bacteria that can cause inflammation, it is a clever and quick way to help skin recover after a long (and sweaty) workout. And believe us when we say that it delivers on its promises: It is our go-to routine after a cardio session at our apartment or in our local park. {This product is lovingly made in the USA}

6. Awaken 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner Bar by Shambar ($12.00): Shambar is a new player in the eco-chic beauty world! This 2-in-1, sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner in one concentrated bar is made with spruce oil & nettle extract. Awaken is best for increasing scalp circulation for those experiencing hair loss. With a fresh forest scent, it is perfect to bring the outdoors indoors this holiday season. And not only it is perfect to deeply cleanse and nourish scalp, roots, and hair shaft, but this Shambar bar also replaces two 18oz single-use plastic bottles. If you are looking to finish 2020 with a bang, why not give the gift of sustainable hair care that gives back to the planet? {This product is lovingly made in the USA}

7. Mulberry Silk Spa Headband by Celestial Silk ($26.99): Give the gift of 100% natural materials with this beautiful Mulberry silk spa headband. Perfect to keep hair off the face when doing a mindful beauty routine, this self-care band is comforting and practical. Adjustable, fastened with a Velcro band and filled with silk for a perfect fit, it feels like a hug from a cloud. This gift gets extra points in our book because silk is actually the best way to protect hair from frizz and breakage around the hairline. Perfect for holding thick or curly hair in place without damage or hair creases, it is a wonderful and luxurious gift that doesn’t break the bank.

8.  Wellness Bundle by Erin Condren ($36.00): Who said that 2021 cannot be the best year yet? This cute planner bundle includes a wellness log petite planner, a habit tracker notepad, a pack of colorful and dual-sided markers, and a wellness functional sticker pack to help you and your loved ones plan your much-deserved me time. A perfect bundle to gift or to keep, it has everything you need to achieve your health & fitness goals in style! Because cute stationery makes it easy to say yes to planning your goals, this gift set is a wonderful introduction to the colorful world of Erin Condren. And yes, you guessed it correctly: They proudly print their products locally in the USA. What are you waiting for? Get, set… plan your fab life! {The planners in this bundle are lovingly made in the USA}

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