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Did you know that the United States is a treasure trove of talented entrepreneurs and makers? Because we believe in the power of buying local, we have searched high and low for the best gifts made in USA for the whole family. We hope you consider supporting American businesses during this holiday season!

gifts made in usa for the whole family

1.  Hand Embroidered Sweatshirt by Elfin Los Angeles ($68.00): Give the gift of luxury with this lovingly hand-embroidered custom sweatshirt. Perfect to relax at home, slay it at the virtual office, or wear that person or saying you live by close to your heart, the sweatshirt features a relaxed fit and is warm enough to hug you during the winter months. The sweatshirt is customizable with multiple base colors, the color of the stitching of your custom embroidery, and the location of the imprint (which can be on the front center, left chest, or left collar.) For the perfect gift for the new mama, pair it with the adorable embroidered onesies that Elfin Los Angeles also offers on their site. {This beautiful sweatshirt is embroidered by hand in Los Angeles.}

2. Skin Perfecting Trio by Dear Self Skincare ($75.00): This beautiful gift set is the perfect introduction to the world of clean beauty for that slow living friend who is overwhelmed by the many choices available. Worth $100, the bundled trio includes a mindful beauty routine in three simple steps. I AM GLEAMING is a soothing, firming, and healing moisturizer chock-full of essential vitamins. Designed to be an expression of self love, to be repeated to oneself twice a day, its formula includes nutrutive ingredients to repair the skin from sun exposure and promote a graceful ageing process. I AM A GODDESS is a beautiful and lightweight serum that boosts your skin’s own healthy glow with nourishing sea kelp and geranium rose. Invigorating and cocooning, the serum is carefully formulated with uplifting notes of natural ylang ylang and bergamot oils for a relaxing experience. Finally, I AM BEAUTIFUL is a mood-lifting and clarifying toner created to minimize pores, treat acne and reduce inflammation without being harsh on the skin. Perfect to incorporate in a beauty routine, it ican also be used whenever you need to calm the skin during the day (and as we are exposed to so much blue light lately, that would be quite often!) {This gift set is lovingly made in the USA with natural ingredients}

3. Felt Eyeglass Sleeve by Graf Lantz ($28.00): Protect your specs with a piece of artistry lovingly crafted with premium, luxury-grade merino wool. Because your eyes deserve the best, merino wool is water, stain and heat resistant, as well as scratch-free. And it is also the best gift for those lazy glass-wearers like yours truly: The felt cleans the outside of the glasses as you pull them in and out of the sleeve, making their maintenance so much easier. A natural, sustainable, and renewable material that comes in a delightful set of colors, this is the perfect gift for the whole family. And if your loved ones don’t wear glasses yet, pair it with a blue light-blocking pair of specs to protect their peeps during their virtual visits with friends and family. {This product is lovingly made in the USA with 100% natural materials}

4. Baby Essential Bundle by Kiss Kiss Goodnight ($72.00): Give the gift of peaceful mind and restful sleep with this delightfull all-natural gift set for babies. A wonderful gift for any new mama, it features three nighttime routine essentials designer to savor the last minutes of the day. The set includes full sizes of the Sweet Whispers Hydrating Face & Body Lotion to lock in moisture after a warm bath and prepare your little one for a night of restful slumber. The Lullaby Melting Balm Cleanser is a natural all-in-one product especially formulated for sensitive skin. A gentle massage gel that magically transforms into a milk cleanser when it touches the water, it is the perfect way to clean baby’s skin without disrupting their natural microbiota. Finally, the Peace of Mind Hydrating Balm is a healing concoction perfect to treat diaper rash, chafing, or patches of especially dry skin. And the best thing is that these products can be used on mama too! A meaningful gift that is carefully formulated by the owner of the brand, it will surely make a big impact. {These products are 100% natural and lovingly crafted in the USA}

5. Holiday Gift Set by Skin Research ($45.00): With the pandemic and the need to wear face masks, the eyes have become the new smile. And this limited edition gift set puts the eyebrows at the forefront! It includes the newBROW brow enhancing serum, a potent formula designed to promote fuller and thicker-looking brows in as little as 4 weeks. With a special protein complex, this serum promotes supple and shiny hair for a natural look (even if you’ve had some tweezing mishaps while in lockdown, like yours truly.) To complete the set, the blue sequin make-up bag puts a touch of elegance to the festive season. Large enough to hold your makeup products, it is the perfect finishing touch to a festive look, and I honestly think it looks fab as a party handheld purse. So if you are spending the holidays with family and friends IRL or virtually, it is a very cool accessory to put a touch of glam in the celebrations. Finally, the gift set comes with a sheer fashion mask in a very delicate print. Lightweight and washable, it is perfect to wear on top of your usual protective mask for an elegant look. {The NewBrow Skin Research products are lovingly made in the USA}

Gifts made in USA for the whole family 2

6. Star Wars Tumblers by Tervis (starting at $16.99): Geek up and show your galactic pride with the Tervis Classic Insulated drinkware cups, made in the USA since 1946. The coolest reusable drinkware on this side of the galaxy, they keep hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold. The printed wrap-around design is sealed between the tumbler walls, so it will not fade with the washes. Also, the strong and impact-resistant BPA-free material means that these cups are a bit like Han Solo: They can take a few tumbles without shattering. Sustainable and diswasher safe, they come with a lifetime guarantee because they are built to last. With many designs to choose from, they have the perfect gift for every member of the family. And yes, they carry Baby Yoda merch too! Tervis also offers stainless steel cups with BPA-free leak resistant, easy to close lids. With triple insulation that reduces condensation, it is the perfect gift for coffee lovers as they keep drinks hot for up to 8 hours. The copper-lined 18/8 stainless steel construction is durable, and the material doesn’t retain taste of odors. May the Force be with you and your loved ones this holiday season! {The Tervis Classic Tumblers are proudly made in USA and come with a lifetime guarantee. The stainless steel products are responsibly made overseas and printed locally in Florida, and have a 5-year guarantee.}

7. Engraved Cutting Board by Cades and Birch ($39.00): Still looking for a memorable gift that also supports the traditional arts in the USA? Look no more. This gorgeous cutting board is custom-engraved and personalized with your family monogram. Crafted by hand using only US-sourced domestic hardwoods, each cutting board features an elegant olive leaf wreath design and the Italian saying “Casa mia e casa vostra” (my home is your home, a common expression to extend your hospitality to your guests.) And there is more! The store offers many other customization options, so if you want to make a slightly different design or change the Italian saying to another meaningful quote, contact the seller because the sky is the limit. The finishing touch is a light coat of food-safe and kosher sealant to preserve the natural beauty of the wood. And believe me when I say that the pictures don’t do it justice! Pictured in the most gorgeous walnut wood, it is also available in cherry and mahogany. The perfect gift for anyone on your list, this statement piece will be cherished by generations to come. {This cutting board is hand crafted and custom-engraved in the USA using only domestic hardwoods}

8. Dream Repair by Goddess Garden Organics ($24.99): Dream Repair is a brightening night cream that acts like an extremely nourishing mask without the greasy feeling. Light yet very rich, it softens, smooths, and brightens skin while you sleep. With natural AHAs, mango extract, chicory and licorice root, this all-natural superstar reduces the appearance of dark spots to bring out soft, luminous skin in an easy gesture. In lay terms, this cream is the perfect natural dupe to retinol formulated to be gentle for sensitive skin. A wonderful introduction to the natural skincare world, this budget-friendly product prove that there are great green products for every budget. {This is a 100% natural product lovingly made in the USA by a B-Corp.}

9. Complete Coverage Foundation by Nu Evolution ($30.00): A revolution in the world of clean beauty, this medium-to-full-coverage liquid foundation is a dream come true for the green gal at heart. With a buildable coverage and a gorgeous, glowing finish, this foundation has converted many a skeptic about the world of natural cosmetics. With ingredients like jojoba, sunflower seed oil, rosemary extract, goldenseal root, and cinnamon bark extract, it works extremely well on all skin types, but it truly outperforms its non-natural counterparts in very dry and sensitive skin. The end result doesn’t look cakey, and rather imparts a natural glow on the face. Free from many no-no chemicals (like parabens, nano particles, artificial dyes, synthetic fragrance, talc, phenoxyethanol, dimethicone, propylene glycol, phtalates, mineral oils or bismuth oxycloride), this foundation also works wonders as a targeted concealer for those keeping a very minimal beauty routine. Available in 8 inclusive shades, this foundation proves that natural products can also be chic and downright fab. {This foundation is made with care in the USA with 100% natural ingredients}

10. Beard Grooming Kit by Badger ($24.99): Still looking for the perfect gift for the bearded gentleman in your life? This nifty gift set has everything a discerning beard needs for a perfect grooming session. Certified organic by the USDA, the Badger Beard Oil is designed to nourish the skin underneath to help healthy beard growth, and also softens facial hair to tackle stubborn areas. On the other hand, the Beard Balm is a daily, leave-in conditioner of sorts that works as a moisturizer and styling aid to tame rogue and straight hairs in a single gesture, and prepare said gentleman for a special occassion (or the nth zoom session this holiday season.) Badger carefully makes its products using only natural ingredients (that is why they are certified organic by the USDA, one of the most stringent certifications in the world of natural beauty), and Badger is also a B-Corp, which means it uses ethical processes and pays its employees a decent living wage. When you think it can’t get any better, I would invite you to look carefully at their beautiful packaging (hand drawn by a local designer, of course) and their ingredient list, that is so clean that you could theoretically eat it (although we advise you not to.) The perfect gift for that special person in your life, the Beard Grooming Kit is a very affordable option that packs a punch of value. {These products are 100% natural and certified organic by the USDA. Made lovingly in the USA}

11. Custom Pet Socks by Petsies ($25.00): Honor your best furry friend with a pair of custom socks. Designed and printed in the USA, they the perfect custom gift for the animal lover with a twist of pop art. Cozy, adorable, very comfortable, and easy to gift (the Petsies folks are very smart and take out the guesswork by offering the socks in a one-size-fits-all), they are made with premium yarn and an innovative 360 degree printing technique for a flawless and durable result. An affordable way to surprise your loved ones with a truly personal gift, these pet socks are a great reminder of the loving bond that we share with our animal friends. You only have to submit the photo of your furry friend, choose a design, and the Petsies designers will crop the picture and print it for you. If you want them to be ready for the holiday season, take into consideration that they need 2-3 weeks to arrive. {These adorable socks are designed and printed in the USA}



{Psst! 2020 has been a very unique year in many different ways. And while supporting American manufacturers and small business owners is important all year round, helping them now is more impactful than ever. Please consider gifting products made in the USA — behind each and every American brand we have featured in this and our other gift guides, there is a business that creates local jobs and pays local taxes at a time when it is most needed.}

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