Sweet Libations: Gifts to Drink and Be Merry

Sweet Libations: Gifts to Drink and Be Merry

The winter holidays are the perfect time of the year to toast for better days ahead and drink your tribulations away among family and friends. We all deserve an extra dose of liquid fun nowadays, and that’s why we’ve come up with a selection of great alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks that make great gifts for the aspiring mixologist. Cheers!

Gift guide to drink and be merry

1. Outland Whisky by Nomad ($38): Born in Scotland and raised in Spain, this exquisite product has the best qualities both countries can offer to any whiskey aficionado. From its inception in the majestic Scottish Highlands to the humid plains of Jerez, every bottle of Nomad Outland embarks on a fascinating journey that results in a truly unique aging process ending in Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels. The result? A smooth, bicultural and elegant drink imbued with prominent flavors of raisins, honey, warm spices, and a hint of vanilla. An always welcome addition to any holiday dinner or social meeting, Nomad Outland Whisky is the perfect gift for those who not only love to treat their palates with sophisticated drinks but to know (and tell) their intricate origin stories too!

2. Canned Cocktails by Cocktail Squad: Lauren and John Maggio’s formula is quite simple, fun, and effective: to craft a small-batched, modern bar that you can take anywhere you go. Sounds neat, right? Well, that’s the essence of Cocktail Squad’s canned cocktails. Eight classic and casual popular drinks crafted with natural and organic ingredients that easily fit in your pocket. Skip the mixing and just get right to it, no matter where you are. With a varied and smart selection of fan favorites that includes Whiskey Sour, Gin & Tonic, Bourbon Smash, Vodka Lemon, or Whisky Ginger, taking the party (and the boozy holiday spirit) with you has never been more convenient. If you never thought that a canned drink would make a good gift think again, because happy hours are now portable!

3. Reserva Añejo 7 Años Puerto Rican Rum by Don Q: Good things usually take a long time in the making. A great example of that is this sensational blend of rums. Every bottle of Don Q has been aged for a minimum of 7 years in American white oak casks, and is artisanally crafted at the Destilería Serrales in Ponce, Puerto Rico. With an intense flavor filled with vanilla and cocoa hints, Don Q Reserva 7 Años is perfect to enjoy either on the rocks or as a part of more elaborated concoctions, like a Honey Breeze, a Classic 7, or an Old Fashioned. An excellent gift for any whiskey enthusiast, you can’t get wrong when bringing this into a rum-loving crowd! Or, why not, treat yourself and share it with your family as the perfect addition to a quiet holiday dinner.

4. Tequila Shot Glasses by The Spice Lab ($39.95): The perfect addition to any home bar, these handmade Himalayan shot glasses feature a patented insert system that keeps a strong tequila flavor at all times without having to worry about salty messes. Just pour your favorite tequila, add some lime wedges at your discretion, and the shot glasses will provide the exact amount of salty notes to your drink. Artisanally crafted from food-grade Himalayan pink salt, they have anti-bacterial properties (and that no two glasses are the same!) But don’t limit yourself to tequila. Use it to serve mezcal, Bloody Marys, gazpachos, or even small-sized appetizers! Just be sure to keep them away from the dishwasher. A true party starter on its own, this set of shot glasses may very well become one of the coolest things you can give away this holiday season to your regular boozy crew. Includes a ceramic lime dish and a wooden serving tray.

5. Spritzer Gift Set: The Ultimate Threesome by Spa Girl Cocktails ($39): Probably the most visually-appealing cocktail-making set that you’ll ever find, this stunning pack is a terrific value (and an absolute steal, if you ask me.) Worth over $90, it contains a choice of 740 ml flavored drink (Pear Vodka, Peach, or Cucumber) plus a shiny and beautiful 375 ml bottle of St. Germain Elderflower Liqueur and a crystal cocktail carafe. Because who doesn’t like to drink in style? In case you haven’t noticed, this gift set contains everything a sweet libations connoisseur needs to fix a perfect and fast holiday cocktail: Just pour three ounces of the Spa Girl drink, one of the Elderflower Liqueur, and three of your favorite club soda into the cocktail carafe. Mix it together until everything is lovingly combined, and serve it into a chilled glass. Add a fancy garnish to your liking, and you got it: A professional-looking, top-notch cocktail to impress everyone during your next Zoom office party, socially-distanced gathering, or romantic home at night with your beau. This trio of aces is a true must-have for anyone with a bar at home, and makes the perfect gift for that alcohol-loving friend who enjoys dabbling into the world of creative mixology in their spare time.

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6. Single-Serve Wine Bottles by Tussock Jumper Wines: When it comes to good wine, size does not always matter. Sometimes the best stuff comes in small packages, and that’s exactly the case with these hand-sized, ultra-portable wine bottles. Tussock Jumper’s 180 ml selection is so comprehensive that you can be sure to find what that sommelier friend of yours would love to get these holidays. From France’s Chardonnay to the Argentinian Malbec, to the Italian Pinot Grigio and the Aussie Shiraz, these wines will take you and your drink buddies through an exciting trip around the world, exploring the unique flavors and subtleties of some of the most internationally celebrated denominations. Half stocking stuffer, half liquid treasure, it’s the perfect way to enjoy a glass of wine without complications. And, if all of that wasn’t enough, each of these bottles features a super cute animal dressed in a red sweater. Can’t think of anything cozier than that for this time of the year!

7. Monstera Felt Trivet  by Graft Lantz ($34): When having a drink among friends, it’s easy to forget what a wet bottle can do to your furniture if you don’t pay attention. Coasters and trivets are not to be overlooked, that’s for sure. But no one said you have to settle for boring, regular ones. Graft Lantz knows it, and that’s why they bring a much-needed pop of color to the table with their Monstera Trivets. In case you don’t know, a Monstera (AKA “Swiss Cheese Plant”) is a plant that grows in tropical, humid places like Panama, Mexico, or Hawaii. Using its huge leaves as inspiration, its 5mm merino wool felt will keep every surface scratch-free so you don’t have to worry when serving drinks on a special occasion. The perfect accessory for the discerning and attentive host, the Monstera Trivet is water-resistant, heat-protective, and stain-resistant. [This product is lovingly made by hand in the USA with natural materials.]

8. How to Drink Like a Writer: Recipes for the Cocktails and Libations that Inspired 100 Literary Greats by Apollo Publishers ($19.99): It’s interesting how some of the best writers that ever existed, from Victorian times to the 21st century, have shared a rather obsessive addiction to drink. Tortured souls in need of an unorthodox muse to set free their genius and inner feelings, it’s undeniable that alcohol has played a major role in the lives (and deaths) of some of the brightest minds of the literary pantheon. In this book, you will learn everything you need to know about the personal relationship between all-time reputed authors and their liquid courage, from poet Anne Sexton’s martinis, Truman Capote’s screwdrivers, and J.K. Rowling’s gin & tonics to Ernest Hemingway’s legendary inebriated feats. Prepare to visit some of the most famous writerly haunts, like The Algonquin Hotel in New York, The Vesuvio Cafe in San Francisco, or La Bodeguita del Medio in La Habana, and to become part of this eclectic, phenomenal bunch of misfits every time you fix a cocktail this holiday season.

9. Cocktail Mixers by Fresh Victor: If you’ve always wanted to surprise your loved ones with a fancy cocktail but never actually got on with it because you’re afraid to not be crafty enough, we have good news for you. With a choice of seven professional fruit blends, you won’t have to worry about getting every single one of the required ingredients for a drink. Just follow the instructions to craft an excellent cocktail (or mocktail) in no time! Fresh Victor has covered all bartending bases here with a varied selection of fruity flavors that match with every drink you can ever imagine. The Mexican Lime & Agave blend, for example, is perfect for margaritas or daiquiris. If you’re more of a mojito guy, the Three Citrus & Mint Leaf will make it easier than ever. Or spice up your Martinis with some Jalapeño & Lime. Mad Cappers, Whiskey Sours, Sangrías, Pinneaple Mules…anybody can become a cocktail master for a night with these convenient, easy-to-use mixers, which also make a the perfect base for professional mocktails for those who prefer not to drink alcohol. The perfect gift for any aspiring bartender at home, it is also a truly refreshing option to cater a small party of drinkers and non-drinkers alike!

10. Straight Bourbon Whiskey by Clyde May’s: A rich crimson beauty aged for four to five years in oak barrels, this award-winning whiskey is a true symphony of flavors and sensations. Soft and sweet on the nose and with a fruity and oily taste on the palate, this Straight Bourbon blends notes of apricot, brown sugar, nutmeg, wild strawberry, and barrel spice to pack a top-notch whiskey to be remembered for the ages. This liquid masterpiece  pays tribute to Clyde May, a moonshiner whose extreme dedication to the craft  led him to use fresh Alabama spring water and the best ingredients he could get his hands on to create this carefully crafted product. (As a side note, this boozy hero was incarcerated for eight months for creating his own distilling process, the Clyde 240.) Just toss some ice cubes into it or use it to craft your own Manhattan cocktail… you just can’t miss with this easy-drinking spirit!

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