Scrumptious Gifts For Foodies

Scrumptious Gifts For Foodies

Empty bellies and the holidays aren’t a good match. ‘Tis the season, after all, to share delicious treats and mouth-watering dishes, even if it means a virtual gathering. Today we offer you a taste of the holiday season with our exclusive selection of the most scrumptious gifts for foodies (and yes, we have something for every budget!) Bon appetit!

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1. R180 Smart Toaster by Revolution Cooking ($299.95): Put your foot down against the tyranny of stale toasts! Say no to burnt bagels! Enough with dried waffles! A true revolution is coming to your kitchen to modernize your breakfasts like never before. An undeniably cool appliance that will forever change the way you look at toasters, R180 is the world’s first 2-slice, high-speed smart toaster. Yes, smart as in it does everything for you. Its unique InstaGLO heating system heats up bread, bagels, English Muffins, and even pastries in a fraction of the time a regular toaster does, keeping them crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Just looking at its touchscreen it’s pretty clear that this toaster is anything but conventional. This amazing appliance comes with up to 63 configurable settings and intelligent algorithms to make sure you get THE perfect toast every. single. time. Add a beautiful countdown clock to keep track of time (digital or analog, your choice), safety features, and an impeccable stainless design, and you have the perfect gift for those foodies who defend that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

2. Cat Lover’s Pizza Cutter by Kikkerland ($8.00): Arguably the cutest pizza cutter in the whole universe, Kikkerland’s unique twist on the perfect slice is so quirky that will surely be a conversation starter in your next (virtual) pizza party. What else can we say? It’s a cat that feeds you pizza. Can’t think of a better gift for these holidays for foodies, cat lovers, and anyone on your nice list.

3. Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps by Kikkerland ($15.00): Keeping food leftovers safe and yummy is a sure way to conquer a foodie’s heart. How about a set of three food wraps that are reusable and made with natural ingredients? Made by infusing cotton with food-grade beeswax, rosin, coconut oil and jojoba oil, these food wraps are a fantastic gift for that foodie in your life with a green penchant. These wraps are moldable, grippable and tacky, so you can wrap literally anything with them (including a halved avocado — yes we tried!). The wraps come in different colorways to match your loved one’s kitchen decor, and are a reusable, antimicrobial, and sustainable alternative to plastic wrap and single-use plastic.

4. Belly Warmer by Methodical Coffee ($16): To say the least, the holiday season can be challenging in this “new normal.” The virtual office combined with chaotic online shopping sprees, overlapped video calls, and tons of cooking can be utterly draining. And to be completely honest with you, sometimes you just need a generous cup of coffee to keep going, no matter the time of year. True to its name, this superb whole bean blend exclusive to Methodical Coffee sure comforts belly (ahem, body) and mind. Made from 50% Costa Rican and 50% Brazilian beans, Belly Warmer has the bold, chocolatey taste you crave every morning, with a delicious touch of almond butter. Fresh and tough, this coffee performs well in every single situation (percolator, our traditional European coffee pot, drip brewers — we have tested ’em all!). Simple and subtle, nutty and dark, this coffee blend is the ideal gift for early birders, essential workers, or, honestly, any coffee lover on your good boys/girls list! {This whole bean coffee blend is lovingly roasted in the USA with fair trade coffee from Costa Rica and Brazil.}

5. BLOOM Pour Over Coffee Brewer by Espro ($34.95): We get it, you can’t function as a normal person until you get your hot, steamy, perfectly brewed cup o’ joe in the morning. You’re a coffee-lover, just like us. So why treating yourself with top-notch caffeine doses these holidays? Espro reinvents your morning routine with an innovative micro-brewer system that allows you to get evenly-extracted, consistently-flavored coffee in just two minutes. That’s 30% faster than most coffee brewers! Pair it with Espro’s coffee paper filters to release your cup of coffee’s full potential, and it can easily become your new best friend during those sleepy first hours of your workday. Or, if you don’t fancy coffee that much, a truly amazing gift to your more caffeinated loved ones! Completely manual and electricity-free, this coffee brewer is the ultimate vintage gift for the die-hard foodie who enjoys the convenience of modern appliances.

6. Spadle by Dreamfarm ($19.95): Is it a spoon? Is it a ladle? It’s Spadle, the versatile spoon that twists into a ladle! The key to this original creation is its handle, which transforms it from a cooking spoon to a handy ladle perfect for serving soups, creams, and stews from deep pots. It’s also good for measuring, because it comes with marks for for 1/2 cup, 100 ml, 1/4 cup, tablespoon, and teaspoon quantities (which is great for us Europeans living in the USA – the best of both worlds!) But that’s not all! Spadle features a flat squeegee tip perfect for scrapping every bit of food from your pans, bowls, and non-stick cookware. An ingenious and easy-to-use concept, this small and mighty invention is destined to become a true head-turner under the tree.

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7. Barbecue Spice Kit by The Spice Lab ($29.95): Spice up your holidays with this patriotic set of four shaker jars! This barbecue seasoning set captures the essence of some of the most beloved flavors from all around the nation in full-size jars. Masterfully blended by a professional chef, this premium spice assortment has something from every foodie. Each flavor has a sweet and savory flavor base that is perfect for all types of meats. For the non-meat eaters, the deep smoky notes are great to liven up a salad, roasted vegetables, or to make mashed potatoes with a punch. Bad to the Bone has a sweet flavor sith slight citrus notes, and is perfect for pork butt, chops, ribs, or tenderloins. Smoky Pecan Rib Rub has a smoky and nutty flavor with a sweet base, perfect for beef, pork or chicken. Sweet Rib Rub has conquered our foodie hearts with the traditional sweet and savory blend for the perfect ribs. Finally, Ancho Chili & Coffee is sweet, smoky, and has a mean punch at the end, for those who like to have a party in their mouth. A great gift for the aspiring grilling master, these spices are made for backyard cooking and for those who can’t resist the smoky, savory flavors during the winter. When coming to please a foodie friend, you just can’t miss with this gift! [This product has been lovingly made in America]

8. Mini Luxe Gift Set by Vesta Chocolate ($70.00): Give the gift of haute chocolate made from scratch from a local business based in Montclair, NJ. Vesta is an artisanal bean-to-craft chocolate company from chefs turned master chocolatiers Roger Rodriguez & Julia Choi Rodriguez. With the aim to close the gap between artisanal chocolate making and their customers, their brand combines French pastry techniques with the true definition of chocolate rooted in its Latin American origins. The chocolate chip cookie and sea salt brownie explode in your mouth with their gooey goodness glory. The 60% single origin Belize dark milk bar and the turmeric energy bar reconcile the reluctant foodie with the idea of vegan chocolate (which, by the way, turns out to be delicious). The 6-count signature jewel bean-to-bonbons are the most delicate chocolate confections that look like semi-precious stones (and taste like a very expensive party in your mouth), and the vanilla bean-to-bar hot chocolate puts an interesting twist to a holiday classic. Made with organic cacao beans that are ground in-premises, this gift set is the perfect introduction to the art of true chocolate making, and has something for everyone’s tastebud. And yes, they deliver nationwide. We checked for you. You’re most welcome. {This gift set is lovingly made in the USA by a small business}

9. The Kitchen Companion Page-A-Week-Calendar 2021 by Workman Publishing ($15.99): An always welcomed addition to any busy household (especially during the holidays!), kitchen planners are great for keeping everything under control when organizing menus for family and friends. This weekly calendar goes way beyond that, providing insightful tips and juicy recipes along with beautiful illustrations. Know how to freshen up a stinky sink? Want to learn how to make a delicious chocolate brownie with only two ingredients? This kitchen companion will teach you. Part personal assistant, part sous-chef, its tear-off pages are perfect for writing lists and updating your weekly grocery lists, providing plenty of usable space to write down reminders and anything you want. Finally, you don’t even need to worry about looking for free space on your walls, since it comes with a magnetic backer if you want to hang it directly on the fridge!

10. Nestable Mixing Bowl Set by Brabantia ($39.99): When it comes to cooking, versatility is key. Sure, you can fill your small kitchen with plenty of stuff to help you make your way around it like a pro, but have you thought about where are you going to store it? Keeping everything together tight and tidy can be a nightmare in a small apartment. With its nestable and space-efficient design, this colorful set consisting of two mixing bowls (1.5 and 3.2 l.), a colander, and a juicer fits in most kitchen cupboards taking just 25 cm of  precious space. It’s also easy to clean and completely dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about anything but preparing a refreshing fruit juice or a fancy Caesar salad. Because you can’t craft good meals without good tools, this is the perfect gift for the foodie friend who has a cramped kitchen!

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