Make your Quarantine Easier with These Great Late Summer Reads!

Make your Quarantine Easier with These Great Late Summer Reads!

Nothing beats reading a good book at the beach on a hot summer day, right? Unfortunately, any outdoor plans we might have in mind are kinda scary nowadays due to the quarantine state of mind we live in.

Labor Day is approaching fast, and I don’t know about you, but I’m wondering where my (nonexistent) summer has gone. The days are starting to get shorter, and there is something in the air that announces the upcoming changes of the Fall season.

To me, it is important to honor each season and enjoy the good things they bring. That is why I wanted to share with you my favorite late summer reads, that can be well brought into the first weeks of Fall for a peaceful transition.

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Our Late Summer Reads

It’s always a good time to enjoy a good summer read. We truly believe that you emerge somehow wiser every time you finished reading a handy cooking book, a thrilling novel, or the crafty DIY guide you just needed to fix that broken lamp. That’s why we have compiled a varied selection of good reads to alleviate your stuck-at-home situation!

Cook Like a New England Chef!

New England Open-House Cookbook

New England Open House Cookbook

Quarantine cooking has totally become a thing during the last few months. For many, being stuck at home became the perfect opportunity to make their way around the kitchen like never before. If you belong to that group, this book should be an absolute must-have. With more than 300 traditional recipes, New England Open-House Cookbook compiles delicious East Coast delicacies, from clam chowder and soda can chicken to grilled Cape Cod calamari and, well, lobster, of course! If you love the food from Maine, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire, here’s your way to master delicious lobster rolls, pumpkin spice cakes, and “Pilgrim” turkey sandwiches like a pro.

Learn a New Yummy Skill!

One-Hour Cheese

One Hour Cheese

Don’t leave the kitchen just yet! If your sweet tooth is more into cheesecakes than seafood, we got something else for you. Any true cheese connoisseur should get their hands on this little book filled with cheese recipes presented in a very visual and easy-to-follow way. With One-Hour Cheese, you will be able to create from scratch up to 16 fresh cheeses, apart from butter, yogurt, and fancier stuff like Indian ghee and paneer (come on, look it up!). Master the secrets of crafting the meltiest mozzarella and the tastiest Oaxaca quesillo. Wow your friends with quesadillas, cheese kebabs, and cheese tartlets in just one hour or less. This book even suggests the best pairings and accompaniments to come up with the perfect cheese platter!

Discover the Secrets of the True American Princesses!

To Marry an English Lord

To Marry an English Lord

Fancy Downtown Abbey? You’re not alone. The revered TV show that dwells into the “upstairs-downstairs” daily tribulations in a post-Edwardian country house has charmed millions of fans around the world. Americans in particular are deeply fascinated with the rigid protocol and old-timey traditions ingrained in British nobility. Now, what if we told you that wealthy American girls had a major role in configuring that historical period by marrying some of the most important earls, lords, and dukes of Victorian Britain? To Marry an English Lord explains the true story of the more than 100 American heiresses who traded dollars for titles in their quest to join (and conquer) the most exclusive houses of Britain’s nobility. Vanderbilt, LaRoche, Whitney…this is how some of America’s mightiest families left an indelible mark in Europe’s aristocracy from the early 20th century to nowadays! A truly excellent addition to your 2020 summer reads.

Keep on Moving!

The Miracle Ball Method

The Miracle Ball Method

Being active at home can be truly challenging to potato couches like us. Rest assured, it’s quite tempting to just binge-watch everything you can and forget about exercising. And that’s not good. Luckily, there are ways to move your body without draining yourself or driving your neighbors crazy while enjoying your summer reads. Enter The Miracle Ball Method, a revolutionary set of exercises intended to relieve any existing pain, relax your muscles, control your breathing, and ease your quarantine stress with just two squishy, non-toxic PVC balls included with the book. Throughout a fully illustrated program, ex-dancer turned physiotherapist guru Elaine Petrone proves how a wise use of gravity can help draw out pain and tension from your knee, back, and any other strategic part of your body that might need an extra dose of TLC during these tough times.

Meet your Inner Self!

Know Yourself: A Book of QuestionsKnow Yourself A Book of Questions

It’s no wonder that many of us might feel kinda lost during these uncertain times. Sometimes, we don’t seem to get the answers we want or need. But when you think about it, the problem could be that you’re not asking yourself the right questions. This precious little book is filled with dozens of different questions (some playful, some deep, but all meaningful) in a whimsical, colorful, and cheery display. What’s the best thing about coming home? What would you never do again? Are you kind to yourself? Know Yourself provides thoughtful dilemmas that will inspire you to reflect on past memories, plan your future, or help you deal with the present. And remember: there are no wrong answers!

Embrace The Joy of Slow Living

The Big Book of Less

The Big Book of Less

Sometimes, less is more. We’ve heard it plenty of times, and it’s true. Think about it. Less stress, less anxiety, less distractions…it’s time to just let go and keep it simple! And this book will definitely help you get there. The Big Book of Less contains interesting articles, fun activities, art posters, and plenty of irresistible paper goodies (like a one-thought-a-day diary and the cutest foldout tiny house) that will definitely put an end to your FOMO for a while. A wonderful mix of DIY projects and positive vibes that your bookshelf needs to celebrate the beauty of late summer days!

Scrapbook Your Life With Old-Timey Charm

The Antiquarian Sticker Book

The Antiquarian Sticker Book

Remember when we were kids, placing stickers literally everywhere just for the joyous sake of it? Great times. And who says you should stop just because you grew up? Whether you like to engage in scrapbooking projects with anything you find or just miss the artistic flare of past centuries, The Antiquarian Sticker Book will definitely make you smile with a truly charming selection of stickers directly inspired by authentic historical prints from Victorian times. From butterflies and fairies to anthropomorphic birds and geometrical extravaganzas, this unique book is a stunning visual treasure for the ages!

Learn About History’s Mistakes with an Exciting Novel

The Unanswered Letter: One Holocaust Family’s Desperate Plea for Help

The Unanswered Letter

The year, 1939. Alfred Berger, a Central European Jew, struggles to save his family from Nazi persecution. Having exhausted all the resources he had to be just one step ahead of Hitler’s pawns, he tries a last, desperate move: to mail a plea for help to an American stranger who happens to share his last name. But years go by, and the fabled letter languishes in a Californian attic for decades until a reporter discovers it…and decides that she can’t rest until unraveling the whole story behind it! Sounds exciting, right? Awarded with the First Place by the Pacific Northwest Writers’ Association Literary Contest for Unpublished Works in 2019, The Unanswered Letter will be available for sale next September 1st. Rest assured, a great story to say farewell to this atypical Summer!


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