The Coolest Face Masks For The New York Summer (Part II)

Collage with pictures of woman wearing different face masks for the summer

If you are reading this article, it means that you want to mask up to help curb the coronavirus pandemic. We salute you, unsung hero and great neighbor!

It’s true that masks can be a bit uncomfortable during the hot days of the summer, yet you persevere and help protect the most vulnerable in your local community. With generous people like you in mind, we have taken the time to look for, find, wash, and test extensively the coolest face masks that will allow you to express your personality and match your mood. (Psst… don’t miss Part I of our face masks roundup. Click on the pretty link to read it!)

Robot Bunnies: Face Masks Made in New York

The Design: Robot Bunnies has created a mask collection to bring a touch of joy and whimsy into our daily lives. I personally fell in love with the flowers print and the retro barbecue, to compliment our summer outfits with a pop of color.

The Experience: The Robot Bunnies masks are simply outstanding. With a very thoughtful design, their masks are some of the most comfortable models I have tried, with ample room for the nose and mouth, which helps me not feel overheated. The elastic straps are also surprisingly comfortable, and they don’t snap after popping them in the wash. These masks didn’t leave any noticeable marks on my nose, and they fit very nicely covering my nose and my chin without slipping. Because, if you have to wear a mask, you might as well look and feel fab in it!

The Specs: These masks are handmade to order with 100% quilting cotton with patterns from independent artists. For added comfort, they are lined with soft and cool 100% quilting Kona cotton, a material tested by the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine in Winston-Salem, N.C. and found to be effective for the construction of masks.

The Maintenance: The brand recommends to machine wash and dry on delicate settings to prolong color vibrancy. I personally prefer to air-dry my masks, but the material is so thick and strong that they do fine if you want to pop them in the dryer.

The Deets: These whimsical masks retail for $21.00, come in four different sizes, and can be purchased at the Robot Bunnies website.

The Sidekick: I see these masks as the perfect final touch on a fun outfit to do a socially-distanced BBQ with friends. Because they are mindfully created to last and not create unnecessary landfill waste, I would pair them with the Dr. Bronner’s Organic Lavender sanitizer spray.

Yoga Society, Tie-Dye Face Masks With Extra Ohm

Yoga Society Tie Dye face masks

The Design: Manufactured in LA, California, this darling set of four tie-die masks is perfect for the Xennial that wishes we could go back to the ’90s. Ridiculously soft, they are made with two layers of hand-dyed cotton to help curb corona in style. With a savvy integrated ear saver, these masks are lightweight and a joy to wear.

The Experience: Here is my main pet peeve with the world of masks: I cannot for the life of me stand scratchy fabric. And believe me, it is out there. I have tried masks that I purchased on Etsy that left my very delicate and oh-so-dry skin red and inflamed due to the friction. These beauties by Yoga Society not only are ridiculously soft, but the fabric is so elastic that it feels like you are wearing your favorite tee and slippers. I personally loved the back elastic, that has saved my ears from the trauma of being pulled by the mask and the sunglasses, and the color schemes. They are simply peaceful and bring a smile to my face!

The Specs: The masks have integrated ear loops that are very elastic and surprisingly comfortable. They also have an adjustable elastic backing that acts as an ear saver.

The Maintenance: You can pop these masks in the wash, and I am partial to not using the dryer and instead hanging them to dry to increase the lifespan of the fabric.

The Deets: The Yoga Society Tie-Dye face masks retail for $39/pack of four and are available for purchase at the Yoga Society e-shop, along with many other cute and comfortable sundries.

The Sidekicks: I like to pair these cute masks with my favorite contour powder by RMS beauty and a cute resin barrette.

Chic Tweak, A Face Mask For Every Outfit

The Design: Calling my fellow fashionistas! Chic Tweak has an impressive selection of face masks with beautiful and trendy prints that match their accessories line. My personal favorites? The leopard print face masks that pairs extremely well with their fierce hairband is perfect for a stunning day look. For a more comfy vibe, I love their liberty-style flower prints that pair extremely well with jeans.

The Experience: I was very surprised by these masks, to be completely honest with you. The price is very reasonable, and the colorways are perfect for those of us who like to bring a pop of color to our looks. I personally loved the filter pocket, that you can use to insert a paper face mask for added protection or one of the carbon filters sold separately. The adjustable nose wire was just wonderful, and helped me keep my glasses fog-free without butchering my nose (remember I told you we have tested at least 20 brands of masks for our roundup? One of the failed masks nearly poked my eye with the wire.) Thankfully, the Chic Tweak masks are extremely well stitched, the nose area is reinforced, and have adjustable an elastic ear loops. Did I mention their fabrics are also very breathable and comfy?

The Specs: These masks feature a silky polyester shell, lined with 100% cotton, and a cotton pocket for an optional filter.

The Maintenance: May I get a round of applause? You can throw these masks in the wash and forget about complicated maintenance! I stand by my suggestion to hang them to dry, but I inadvertently popped them in the dryer at medium temperature and they came out perfect.

The Deets: You can find these cute masks, along with face shields and matching hairbands, in the Chic Tweak online store. Their face masks retail for $15/each.

Danari Wear, Medical Scrubs Turned into Face Masks

The Design: In the wild, wild West that Etsy is these days, there are gems between cheap knockoffs. Danari Wear is one of those sellers. A family-owned and operated small business with more than 50 years in the industry, they have leveraged their industry knowledge manufacturing medical scrubs into a full line of face masks. Made with care in USA, the Danari Wear face masks are made of the same quality cloth used in their medical scrubs, and come in three sizes for a perfect fit (adults, children, and toddlers.)

The Experience: These masks have a sweet and simple design. They come in a variety of colors that are highly combinable with your favorite outfits, and provide perfect nose-to-chin coverage without frills. I personally love how thick and substantive their fabric is, and how nicely the seams have been done. You can laugh at me and my sensitive skin, but in the masks that we did not feature in the article, there was one that (you guessed it right) irritated my face because the seams were bulging. The seams in the Danari Wear masks are flat and comfortable, and boy does that make a difference when you wear a mask for hours!

The Specs: The Danari Wear masks are made of a pleated, double-layer combo of thick poly/cotton blend fabric that doesn’t shrink or bleed. The masks include soft stretching elastic ear loops for a perfect fit.

The Maintenance: These masks are tough, and ideal if you lead a busy life. Pop them in the washer, pop them in the dryer, and you are done. Their fabric does not shrink nor transfer, making them a low-maintenance solution for your pandemic needs.

The Deets: Prepare to be surprised! These beauties retail at $5.95 a pop at Danari Wear’s Etsy Store. Cost-effective and tough, I have dubbed them the Marine of the Face Masks. Have I mentioned that they also sell fantastic reusable and washable covers for the shopping cart handles? Go check their Etsy for all the juicy deets!

The Sidekicks: Sweet and simple, I like to pair them with a cool long pendant (like the Monokle magnifying pendant featured in the pic) and my favorite scent from L’Occitane, Verbeine.

Foco: When Face Masks Meet Brooklyn Nets Fandom

The Design: Cover your face while you support your favorite team! The FOCO’s official NBA face masks are a great way to show your true colors while you protect others from the ‘rona. Extremely comfortable, they feature an internal 100% cotton lining to respect the most sensitive skin.

The Experience: We found it liberating to be able to cover our faces while still showing our Brooklyn pride. Made with a soft and stretchy material, they scored high points in our tests because they are extremely comfortable and breathable, while also offering the possibility of extra protection thanks to their interior pocket for a replaceable filter. The stretchy ear loops are surprisingly comfortable, and after wearing the masks for a good couple of hours we didn’t feel the need to resort to our beloved ear savers. We also loved the charitable aspect of these face masks, because the NBA and FOCO are supporting Feeding America and Second Harvest Canada by donating all NBA proceeds from the sale of licensed face coverings. Enough said!

The Specs: These washable and reusable masks feature an outer lining with the official team logo made with a polyester-elastane blend, with a lining made of 100% cotton. The masks have a filter pocket and elastic ear loops.

The Maintenance: Hand wash cold and tumble dry low for perfect results.

The Deets: FOCO sells face masks for virtually any American team. The Brooklyn Nets Face Coverings retail for $23/pack of 3, and come in different designs.

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Disclaimer: This article features civilian face masks as an alternative to homemade face coverings, which in nature are non-medical grade masks, and does not constitute medical advice. These masks are reusable and must be washed before and after each wear with care. The civilian masks are not a replacement for medical-grade Personal Protective Equipment, and do not offer a total protection against airborne viruses or bacteria. Please consult your physician to decide the adequate level of protection required  for your specific needs. The authors received no compensation to write this article. The authors received samples of some of the products featured in this article for editorial consideration. Please click here for our full disclosure policies.


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