Wanderluster, Holiday Gifts for Savvy Travelers

wanderluster holiday gifts for travelers

We all have wanderlusters in our lives, so why not surprise them with a travel-themed gift that will delight those who are always on the go and dreaming of faraway places?

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1. Verloop Tasseled Loungers ($38.00): Any avid wanderluster will appreciate the comfort and style of these beautiful tasseled loungers. Lovingly warm and adaptable to any feet shape, they are perfect to relax during a long flight and keep feet toasty and comfortable. Featuring a cushioned microfiber sole with non-skid patch, they will make tired feet feel on cloud nine long after the plane has landed. The perfect companions for a seasoned globetrotter, they are excellent to help recover from minor aches and pains in the feet after a long day sightseeing. Did we mention they are extremely light and very easy to pack?

2. EO deodorant wipes ($3.99/6 ct.): A convenient way to feel clean and fresh on the go, they are a traveler’s dream come true. Portable, lightweight, and effective, these aluminum-free deodorant wipes are easy to slip in an already crammed hand luggage and barely take any space. Available in tea tree and lavender. {This is an all-natural product. Made in the USA.}

3. Luca + Danni Wanderlust necklace ($38.00): This beautiful necklace is a reminder that we all need to wander to find ourselves. A perfect wanderluster holiday gift, Luca + Danni is a brand whose story is rooted in embracing the journey of life and honoring our loved ones by living our lives to the fullest. Lovingly made with care in the USA, it is a perfect keepsake piece that will delight those who embrace their adventurous side. Available in silver and gold plated finishes, it comes packed in a gift box and includes an essence card.

4. Young Living Thieves Waterless Hand Purifier ($6.58 / 1oz.): Traveling can be quite a gross experience if you don’t carry a good hand purifier. Airports, bus stations, and other transport hubs are visited by millions of people every year, and are literally busting with germs. This waterless hand purifier uses the power of the Young Living Thieves essential oil blend to fight all the nasties while keeping hands soft and healthy. With an all-natural formula, it is powerful enough to satisfy the needs of the seasoned germophobe who loves to travel. Plus, its spicy-sweet scent smells like a lush forest, no matter how confined you are traveling. {This is an all-natural product. Made in the USA.}

5. Go Happy Travel Tray ($39.50):  The perfect gift for families with kids or adult germophobes on the go, this lightweight travel tray that gives any traveler a clean, germ-free space to work and eat. Light enough to fit in any carry-on luggage, the tray comes with a removable strap to attach to a plane tray to guarantee a microbe-free eating experience. Also, it has a non-skid bottom to hold everything in place and a removable silicone mat liner to guarantee the wanderluster’s hygiene standards. Easy to clean up, it is the coolest alternative to wiping with Clorox the plane trays. Cute and compact, it is perfect for wanderlusters, germophobes, or nomadic crafters who want a safe space to keep their coloring pens or knitting needles without picking up all sorts of nasty bacteria.

6. Intelligent Nutrients Destress Express Spirit Essence ($47.50): When finding the perfect gift for a wanderluster, it is important to think that traveling is an art that encompasses all the senses. Why not unleash the power of aroma to create powerful memories that will remain etched in their mind? This cooling, therapeutic and purifying aromatic spray for hair, body and personal environment is made with organc essential oils to relieve mental and physical stress. A perfect companion for travelers, it is a wonderful way to help re-energize body and mind during the sightseeing marathons, as well as create a mental connection between aromas and places. A perfect perfume to accompany a well-deserved holiday, this is the perfect gift for those who love to travel and reminisce long after. {This is an all-natural product certified organic by the USDA. Made in the USA.}

7. Dr Bronner’s Toiletry Bag Travel Gift Set ($29.99): A beautiful gift of Dr. Bronner’s high-quality, fair-trade organic products in TSA-compliant sizes. This cute toiletry bag with a water-resistant liner is filled with green goodness for those on the go. The kit includes two 2oz Dr. Bronner’s Castile liquid soaps, a four organic lip balms (because you never know how many friends you can make on the road!), a lavender organic hand sanitizer, a peppermint travel toothpaste, and a toothbrush. Artfully packaged inside the Moral ABC toiletry bag with teachings about how to live a fulfilling and meaningful life in peace, this is the perfect holiday gift for the wanderluster who loves to support companies with a social conscience. {This is an all-natural product certified organic by the USDA. Made in the USA.}


Wanderluster Holiday Gifts for travelers 2018

8. Sleep Club Give Sleep a Chance T-Shirt ($58.00) and Sleep Stripzzz ($24.99): A good night’s sleep is the absolute best friend of the avid traveler. Make their life easier by giving them the tools they need to feel comfortable even when they are away from home. Sleep Club’s super comfy tee is a stylish way to send your message loud and clear. With a fabric so soft that it feels like a hug, it is a portable coccoon to guarantee a good rest even when they are away from home. If sleep is elusive when traveling, the SLEEP STRIPzzz are dissolvable strips containing a soothing blend of melatonin, naturally-occurring amino acids, and beneficial vitamins that promote balanced sleep patterns. Non-habit forming and natural, it has a slow-release recovery formula to help your favorite wanderluster enjoy a restful slumber to wake up with lots of energy to explore a new destination.

9. Rahua Jetsetter Kit ($34.00): Packaged in a TSA-approved, reusable beauty pouch this four-some is perfect for the world class traveler. The travel-friendly Rahua kit is the perfect gift for the discerning wanderluster with a penchant for clean beauty products. The kit contains 2oz. sizes of Rahua Classic Shampoo, Classic Conditioner, Voluminous Shampoo and Voluminous Conditioner for lustrous locks on the go! Formulated with Amazonian rahua nut oil, these sustainably-sourced beauties are specially formulated to revitalize hair and give back its natural bounce, especially after a long flight. {This is an all-natural product. Made in the USA.}

10. Kikkerland Thumb Massagers ($4.00): These small yet mighty thumb massagers are the traveler’s best buddies! Extremely compact and ridiculously portable, they help release those pesky trigger points when traveling in cattle class becomes just too much. To use, just slip these little guys over thumbs and have a well-deserved massage on the go.

11. Source Vital Stress Relief Bath and Body Oil ($29.95): A magic potion in a TSA-sized container, this savvy blend of essential oils brings a feeling of contentment and sparks creativity after a long, harrowing flight. The Stress Relief bath and body oil works to enhance an uplifted state of mind, while relaxing the spirit and helping those cramped muscles to unwind. A fragrant bath of Lavender, Marjoram, and Petitgrain Bigarade, it is perfect to unwind and get the wanderluster’s mind ready to enjoy the present. As it is already prediluted in jojoba oil, it can safely be used topically or in a bath any time of the day. {This is an all-natural product. Made in the USA.}

12. Runamok Maple Tea Pairing Collection ($19.95): Even though traveling is very exciting, nothing beats the comforts of home. That is why I love to take some snacks with me, because you never know if you will get stuck with airport food. We loved the Runamok Maple Tea Pairing Collection because it is an easy way to bring a flavor from home on the way, and tea is easily found across all cultures. A delicious way to sweeten tea, it is a wonderful way to mix a local experience with the comforting taste of maple syrup. A perfect way to unwind and recharge batteries after a long day exploring, this beautiful gift set includes TSA-approved minis of Cardamom Infused Organic Maple Syrup, Cinnamon + Vanilla Infused Organic Maple Syrup, Sugarmaker’s Cut Organic Maple Syrup and Makrut Lime Leaf Infused Organic Maple Syrup. {This product is certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers. Made in the USA.}

13. Intelligent Nutrients Pureluxe Regimen Travel Kit ($33.00): Damaged hair suffers greatly after a long flight. The high pressure, the recycled air, and the friction with the back seat are some if its number one enemies. For the jet-setter on the go, we loved the new Pureluxe regimen kit created by clean beauty brand Intelligent Nutrients to improve strenght, resilience, and manageability. This kit includes three 1.5 fl oz Pureluxe Replenishing Shampoo, Replenishing Conditioner and Leave-In conditioner to help treat damaged hair anywhere in the world. A wonderful gift for the avid wanderluster, its formula includes replenishing butters, a baobab rebuilding plant protein and a proprietary blend to restore the hair shaft. {This is an all-natural product. Made in the USA.}

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