Mr. Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate July 2017

Gone and forgotten are those days where cartoons are childish shows created just for children. Animated shows are now a powerful industry fully enjoyed by the most demanding adults. Graphic violence, explicit sexuality and stories full of a dark sense of humor have been an endless source of controversy and fun to many generations of fans devoted to the most irreverent and crazy animated shows.

For this reason, Lootcrate honors this month some of the most popular cartoons of this era.

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– Let’s start with one of the most irreverent, perturbing and popular of recent times: Rick & Morty! What began as a disturbing Back to the Future parody has evolved into an absolute madness filled with alternate universes, interdimensional trips and situations where horror, comedy and drama are combined in a truly brilliant way.
The despicable, yet lovable mad scientist Rick Sánchez is the star of this month’s figurine, bringing peace among worlds as only he can do it. Wabba labba dub dub!

– Time for a drastic change of tone, because we move into a much more family-oriented animated success. Bob’s Burgers has become an absolute contemporary classic to all kinds of audiences thanks to its perfect balance between juvenile and adult jokes. But if we were forced to pick just one of the show’s best features, that would possible be Bob’s terrible and endless burger-related puns. With this recipe cards in an exclusive package, now you can cook some of his best (and worst) ideas to fill your stomach!

– This month’s T-shirt brings us our favorite ninjas in a half-shell: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Color your day with this astonishing green tribute to Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatelo and Rafael in their unmistakable Turtle Van. Cowabunga!

– Summer is still here, and with it the sheer pleasure of drink a cold beer or soda under the scorching sun. ¿Dont’ wanna bring with you the mini fridge or the ice bucket? No problem. With this amazing Futurama’s 2 pack Slurm Koozies, your beverage will always be as cold as it should be.

– The Lootpin is no more no less than Gene, the hyperactive adorable son of Bob Belcher from Bob’s Burgers. Beware the Beefsquatch!

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A really animated Lootcrate, no doubt!  What will we find in the next one? We’ll know in one month. Adios!

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