Trend Alert: International Vision Expo East 2017

Short-sighted peeps, rejoice! The Vision Council has proven, once again, how trendy eyewear can be thanks to the International Vision Expo East 2017 celebrated in New York. With brands coming from all over the world, this event celebrated the many choices we have in terms of prescription glasses, sunglasses, readers, and all sorts of accessories for our vision health.

Do you want to know which are the trendiest eyewear styles for the next Fall/Winter season? Adjust your spectacles and keep on reading!

Vision Trends

Whoever said that glasses are boring? WGSN, the leading trends forecasting company, presented at the International Vision Expo East celebrated in New York the latest trends in men and women’s accessories, optical and sunglasses for Spring/Summer, with a look into Fall/Winter mood and color.




With regards to frames, I am happy to report that synthetic tortoiseshell is going to be back stronger than ever. In terms of shapes, we can expect to see more angular frames (with the everyday square spearheading this trend), contemporary cat eyes to revive the happy 70s, brow shields, and some very interesting octagonal shapes.

In terms of color, one of my favorite trends is making a comeback: The paint effect. Get ready to unleash your inner Jackson Pollock and explore the world of color using your glasses!



This upcoming season, there are four main fashion moods that will hit the stores worldwide:

The Thinker mood revives the intellectual librarian look. This education-meets-romance trend will appeal to consumers of all generations.

The Human Nature mood reinterprets the sense of moving. Honoring the outdoors and the survival skills, it uses a palette of rich reds and golds.

Dark Wonder homages the animalistic and the supernatural with an urban flavor. Indigo and ombre shades will be at the forefront of this trend.

Worldhood is the new Wanderlust. A youthful and passionate trend inspired by things we see every day in the city, it’s the rallying cry of the Millennial generation. 

Brands to Follow Closely

Seeing so many brands catering to the eyewear industry makes me insanely happy. As a user of prescription glasses who can’t use contacts, I feel there’s for the first time a shift in society to make glasses another fashion statement piece. These are a few of the noteworthy eyewear novelties I spotted with my little eye at the International Vision Expo East:

eyebobs: Readers Are Fun!

Do you have a low prescription, or need glasses just to read? Horrible readers are a thing of the past! Eyebobs manufactures some of the most fashion-forward reading glasses with handcrafted and optical-quality frames and lenses. Plus, they are luxurious in every way except for the price point, making them an affordable choice for frames that you can use to put your prescription lenses in.


eyebobs all-day progressive sun readers turbulence


Although they have many different styles, my favorite novelties are the multi-focus all-day readers (catering to consumers with a progressive prescription, like the Turbulence model shown above, which retails for just $169) and the clip-on sunglasses that transform your regular readers into a prescription pair of sunglasses.

MODO: The Art of the Light Frame

One of the things that irk me the most is having marks on my nose after I take off my glasses. If you wear them for 12+ hours a day, it’s very likely that you’ll understand my short-sighted woes!

MODO is one of the few brands that creates ultra-light frames to cater to the pickiest of customers. Their paper-thin titanium ultra collection has some of the most fashion-forward glasses I’ve ever seen, and also the lightest! The Cry model, pictured below, is the perfect representation of the Thinker trend.

MODO ultralight frames cry

MODO is one of the few brands that also offers paper-thin acetate sunglasses with transparent frames, which will be the next big trend in the optical world. Do you remember the frameless glasses that were so popular back in the early 2000s? Transparent frames will be the next big thing. Mark my words!

Pogo Cam: I Spy With my Little Eyes!

Calling all the Inspector Gadget fans! PogoCam is the world’s smallest and lightest attachable camera for eyewear. The camera takes 100 photos or up to two minutes of video before recharging is needed. You can insert the camera into its pocketable smart case to download images and video and recharge the camera in as short as 35 minutes. 


pogocam, the alternative to snapchat glasses



The smart case can recharge the camera up to five times before it needs recharging. The smart case will also send your photos and video wirelessly to your smartphone using Bluetooth where you can send them to friends and social media sites. The memory in the smart case can hold up to 8000 photos or 45 minutes of video. In lay terms, this is a cheaper, sturdier version of the Snapchat spectacles that is also compatible with your prescription glasses. Who said that glasses aren’t cool?


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