Mr. Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate March 2017

Genetically engineered dinosaurs, indestructible blood-thirsty mutants, super intelligent gorillas, relentless aliens keen on human hunts…boy, it’s a wild Spring for Lootcrate!
Savage creatures from some of the coolest pop culture franchises ever unleash their fury this month in a crate that will reveal your inner animal.

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– Wolverine is, hands down, on the most successful and beloved Marvel super heroes. A true force of Nature gifted with extraordinary powers, able to both ruthlessly dismember his enemies while showing the kindest heart to the oppressed, the innocent and the marginalized. Good ol’ Logan made us cry in the big screen with its memorable farewell to the character, and for that it’s the perfect moment to honor the Canadian X-Men in all its adamantine glory with this exclusive statue.

– This month’s T-shirt is dedicated to the popular Blizzard’s video game Overwatch, specifically to one of its most charismatic characters: Winston, the hyper-intelligent gorilla who unleashes hell with his special skill “primal rage.”

– Our favorite item this month comes from one of the best “beasts gone wild” sagas ever: Jurassic Park, popular again thanks to its most recent iteration Jurassic World. This detailed warning sign is just perfect to be placed in any fence, wall or raptor pod of your property. Safety first!

– From all Hollywood alien species, few can boast of having as many devoted fans as the Predators, those athletic, tribal space hunters who can beat the hell out of an Alien just for sport.  Nothing better to assist you taking down your thirst than this badass bottle opener that will wow your visits in your next party at home.

– Finally, March’s Lootpin unlocks 2 online Savage comics.

Craving for more bestial merchandise? Good for you, because this month’s Lootwear is as primal as your wardrobe.

– Summer it’s here, but the cold breezes still looms around. Take this exclusive Legend of Zelda Breath ow the Wild long sleeved T-shirt…because it’s dangerous to go alone!

– Still cold? Don’t miss the chance to show in different ways your love for all Disney stuff with this 3-in-1 Beauty and the Beast scarf!

– Socks! This month we have 2 of the most savages creatures ever created: Godzilla and The Wolverine in his classic X-Men outfit!

– Lastly, we have a truly impressive Predator T-shirt with a stunning camouflage design. Drop your weapon, or you’ll be dead before you even know what killed you!

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A bestial crate, indeed! What surprises will we find in April?

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