Mr. Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate January 2017

Screenwriters know too well that in order to click with a hero or villain capable of reach international success and earning the love of millions of fans a good origin story is needed. Sometimes, on the other hand, a star is born in the most unexpected way. Who would have thought that that chubby plumber, created just because his creator didn’t acquire the rights for Popeye, will become the biggest video game character ever?
Every legend has a past, every journey a first step, and in the case of some of the most beloved pop culture characters this same beginnings are an indispensable part of its core.
This month, Lootcrate welcomes 2017 paying tribute to the first steps of some of those icons that, so many years after their conception, continue to be an important part of our lives.

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– Few super heroes are so representative of the Marvel universe and the American ideals and values than Captain America. Created in the 20s decade by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby, good ol’ Steve Rogers is by own right uno of the most beloved characters from the House of Ideas, and currently a big movie superstar. This month, Lootcrate salutes the Cap with this exclusive replica of his first triangular shield, the same one he used during his early European campaigns both in the comic books and in the movie Captain America: The First Avenger. A true collector’s item to proudly show in our shelves.

– From one comic book legend to a digital entertainment one. Because Super Mario is synonym of Nintendo, of video game, and endless hours of laughter and fun for all ages. From family-oriented sport arcades to devilish difficult platform games, the endearing and intrepid plumber is well-known around the world. This month’s T-shirt celebrates in all its pixelated glory the beginnings of a character tht has been breaking bricks, saving princesses and eating mushrooms since 1983.

– And what about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? ¿Is there any other American cartoon show around there able to unleash the same passion into the hearts of the 90s kids? Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello y Rafael evolved from Renascence geniuses to the most cherised and respected New York heroes. The detailed Tiki Mug included this month is just perfect to use along a good slightly-sewer-scented-pizza. Cowabunga! 

– But if there’s one single origin that forever changed the history of fiction is the one belonging to certain kryptonian arrived to our planet and destined to become the Earth’s mightiest and most famous hero. Superman, created by Joe Shuster y Jerry Siegel, is commonly considered the first official super hero to ever appear in a comic book. To celebrate it, Lootcrate has outdone itself with this exclusive Action Comics 1 reprint with certificate of authenticity. An iconic issue and an absolute game changer in the comic books industry that introduced the super hero concept in our lives for good. Perfect to store in the comic book holder in which this month’s box magically transforms!

– This month’s Lootpin unlocks some online TMNT comic books.

Wait, it’s not over! Our origins story continues with the coolest clothes and accessories you can find in the multiverse…here comes January’s Lootwear!

– We love Lootwear’s socks! This month we have two great additions to our collection with this adorable composition of baby Superman travelling through space in his Kryptonian escape pod and a Super Mario Bros Piranha Plant in all its 8-bit pixelated glory.

– And how about this psychedelic Steven Universe underwear? Fans of this classic animated show will instantly identify the presence of Sapphire and Ruby in this extremely comfy undies.

– From all the great items in this month’s Lootwear, none is as cool as this awesome TMNT T-shirt, with Master Splinter proudly showing a perfectly valid coat of arms for our favorite pizza-eating reptile warriors. Cowabunga!

– Last, but not least, this Dungeons & Dragons sweatshirt with hoodie is an absolute critical hit for  all your epic d20 adventures.

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That’s all for today. What surprises we’ll find in February, the lover’s month? We’ll have to wait!

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