Mr Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate September 2016

Do you feel the need for speed? Do you only find purpose to your life with your hands on the wheel, running with your hair in the wind or inside a jet’s cockpit? If that’s the case, well, it’s your lucky day, because the Lootcrate merry crew knows how to perfectly merge that sprint thrill with some of the best popular culture franchises ever. No, unfortunately you will not find Sandra Bullock screaming inside an uncontrolled bus. You can’t have everything.
So, put the pedal to the metal and buckle up, because September comes with enough races, turns and skids to make a long stop at the pit box after this amazing unboxing.

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– Few things say “classy” like owning a personal F-1 Racing Team. But if you also are Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, nothing can beat that. Although it has been impossible fit a race car inside the limited space the crate offers, with this fantastic Stark Racing Team exclusive T-Shirt from the Iron Man 2 movie you can proudly cheer the most beloved billionaire playboy in the Marvel universe.

– Still vehicles, but soarin’ into DC comics skies this time. Practically as iconic as the Dark Knight’s Batmobil is his Batwing, and because of that Lootcrate has included an exclusive ans stunning keychain perfectly modeled as Batman’s favorite airplane the ways it was shown in Tim Burton’s classic masterpieces.

– And speaking of spped, it would’ve been a crime to miss The Fastest Man on Earth! No matter if you want to brag while driving your car or just in your computer, this spectacular Barry Allen – aka The Flash-  silver ornament will make a long-lasting impression.  But, if you prefer the slower but way more skilled Green Arrow over the scarlet speedster, don’t you worry: the chances of getting any of these two versions in this Lootcrate are a fair 50%. Guaranteed super hero surprise! 

– Behold, because we face now, for yours truly at least, not only the best item this month, but one of the greatest in all Lootcrate history. No more, no less than an exclusive Titan Scar figurine, depicting in all its cold, bloody glory Cylon Raider ace from the unmatched show Battlestar Galactica in its 2003 remake. One of the best sci-fi productions ever made deserves a starship that lives up to its name, and this exquisite recreation of the baddest starfighter in the “toasters” Fleet will be properly appreciated by frakkers from all over the 12 Colonies. So say we all!

– We move from space to the more familiar asphalt. Do you remember the movie Gone in 60 Seconds? That 90’s flick (that was actually a remake from an oldie one) where Nicolas Cage had to steal a determined number of cars in order to save his brother? If the answer is “yes”, then you’ll know that Eleanor, the star’s vehicle, is a key part in the story. Thanks to this detailed recreation, now you can add a pretty cool item to you movie vehicles collection. Because you DO have a movie vehicles collection…right?

– Last, but not least, this month’s Lootpin unlocks Velocity, a digital comic book in which speed is, as you may have already assumed, a pretty important thing.

Keep driving! There are still some miles to go, and, as each month, Level Up! is here to refuel your crave for geek goodies with even more accessories.

– Come on. They are robots that transform into vehicles. Of course they are part of this lot! Arcee is the one tasked to represent the Transformers franchise this month with these ultra comfy pajama pants. Perfect to chill between races!

– There’s no weapon so feared and hated by racing gamers from all over the world. Its sole vision is enough to give chills  and unleash a mumbling torrent of blasphemies in any Mushroom Kingdom racetrack, bringing chaos and despair to the poor soul who has the bad luck to be on the first position. Of course, we are talking of the infamous Blue Shell from the Mario Kart saga, an absolute game changer that you can now display in this awesome exclusive retro T-Shirt made with love for all of us who have spent dozens of hilarious hours driving with Mario, Luigi, Toad and co.

–  Autobots, transform…¿into a jersey? Ok, oit may not be the fastest thing around, but this smooth Transformers item is just perfect to cheer your team.

– ¡Socks! This month we have the fast-talking merch and the fastest hedgehog / ring gatherer in the whole world. Do I really need to say their names? Deadpool and Sonic

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We arrive to our destination. Time to get out of the car and patiently wait for next month’s crate. Which surprises will find inside?

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