Michael Todd SonicBLEND Makeup Brush Review

Great minds think alike, and it looks like the guys at Michael Todd decided to read my mind and create the perfect makeup brush, aka SonicBLEND. This beauty is the world’s first antimicrobial sonic makeup brush that applies foundation with airbrushed finish—at a fraction of the cost. This instagrammable hi-tech makeup brush combines two of the unique features of Michael Todd’s cleansing brush: The sonic technology and the antimicrobial treatment. 

Michael Todd SonicBLEND How-To

The Michael Todd SonicBLEND Makeup Brush comes in a neat little package that includes a USB charger, an instructional booklet, the main magic wand in one of the three colors available (pink, black, or tortoise) and a detachable makeup brush head. It also comes with a one-year warranty so you can purchase with utter confidence.

To get started, you need to charge the wand for three hours. It’s not too bad, especially because a single charge can last up to 60 minutes (which in my case equals about a couple of weeks of use.) After charging the device, snap in the brush head and select your speed. 

To make the most of the Michael Todd SonicBLEND Makeup Brush you need to apply your makeup in thin layers and avoid pressing the brush too hard on your skin. Remember, the sonic pulsations will do the hard work for you! To get the best results, it is recommended to wash the Brush Head once a week and replace it every year.

The Good

To start with, this is not a spinning brush. This is a sonic brush, which means its technology prevents foundation clumping by dispersing individual granules of makeup into wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores for a flawless makeup application. The bristles are designed to oscillate thousands of times per minute to ensure a filter-like finish. In plain English, if you have ever used a makeup airbrush, you’ll get the same finish without having to worry about getting foundation in your eyes (yeah, try airbrushing yourself and not your hair/clothes/significant other with your eyes closed. I didn’t think so!)

Second, this is the best brush ever to apply 100% natural or mineral-based foundation if you’re into cleaner formulas. Given natural foundations need to be worked a bit more to give an even result, this brush is ideal to apply them evenly.

Third, Michael Todd’s SonicBLEND gets extra points for being an extremely gentle makeup brush for sensitive skin like mine. The key to using this magic wand correctly is not to press too hard on your skin. The bristles do not need to bend! Just apply a light pressure to get the right results, and your skin will love you for it.

Fourth, this brush can be used to apply virtually anything to your face in cream, powder or liquid form (except for eye and lip makeup!): Blush, highlighter, bronzer and setting powder work wonderfully well with SonicBLEND. If you feel you have a too heavy hand when contouring, try using the SonicBLEND instead with a tiny bit of product. It literally changed my makeup game.

Finally, the brush offers three different speeds to work with (low, medium and high) to customize your makeup experience depending on your needs. Although I personally find the high speed a bit too much, but I have used it to blend my contouring colors for a stellar result.

The Bad

What I don’t like about this product is what most other people find a most appealing feature: The antimicrobial product protection. For personal reasons, I have decided to transition to a beauty routine with less synthetic components (commonly mislabeled as “chemicals”), and I’m unclear about what this antibacterial formula includes. However, I have to say it must be a mild solution because my skin is extremely sensitive and I haven’t had a bad reaction to it.

On the other hand, I would suggest including a charging port that can be fit into a common household plug. The charger comes in a USB format, so I used my computer ports to charge my brush the first time. Not ideal when you’re at work all day.

The Deets
  This Beauty Magic Wand retails for $99, and the replacement Brush Heads are available for $26 and $28 (the natural nr. 4 brush head). Please note the Tortoise pattern is an ULTA Beauty exclusive. For retailers and more information, visit Michael Todd Beauty Website.

The Verdict

Having arrived in New York a few weeks shy of two years ago, I have to confess I was a newbie in the Michael Todd world until I received this SonicBLEND makeup brush and realized what I had been missing. This is an extremely good makeup brush and I believe it delivers excellent results for beginners and pros.

However, I feel this product is most useful to people who don’t have a lot of time to devote to doing their makeup every morning. With Michael Todd SonicBLEND I’ve cut my beauty routine in half, and that is priceless when you live in New York. I’m not my best version of myself in the morning, and with this brush I’m able to apply my mineral foundation with zero hassle in less than a minute. The rest (usually a bit of mascara and a hint of lipstick) I do on the train. With the time I save I can take the time to prepare a smoothie and enjoy a healthier breakfast.

Disclosure level 1: The author received NO compensation to write this post. The author received a sample of the brush, which did not influence the content of this article nor the decision to feature it. The article contains NO affiliate links. 


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