Mr. Gotham’s review: Lootcrate March 2016

March’s Lootcrate is finally here, but, if you want it…you gotta fight for it! That’s right guys, the keyword this month is Vs, so you can be sure that you will find some of the biggest and most legendary pop culture rivalries ever in your usual geek crate. Alien vs Predator, Mario vs Bowser, Daredevil vs Punisher, Batman vs Superman…we can barely get ourselves together with this awesome mix of comic book, movies and videogames legendary brawls!

Ready for the battle? In that case suit up your armor and choose your weapons, because this is the content of March’s crate: 

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– A must have for all of you trekkies out there, this awesome “Spock vs Evil Mirror Universe Spock” T-shirt reflects one of the most famous doppelgangers battles of all times in a classic boxing poster style. 

– One of our favorite geek items ever included in any crate, the insanely adorable exclusive Alien (or Predator) 4.5 inch vinyl figurine from the Aliens vs Predator franchise is a perfect galactic companion from now to the eternity. Unlike the movie, everybody wins with these little fellas by your side!

– The other absolute winner of this crate is the extremely cool reversible beanie from the superb Netflix’s Daredevil show. One side features the red, blind justice of the classic Marvel vigilante. But if you feel somehow anxious of sweet, violent revenge, turn it upside down to show the dark side of The Punisher, skull logo included. Pure joy for the most demanding and action lover marvelites!

– More superheroes, in this case the big guys of this month’s most anticipated film: Batman and Superman finally face each other not only in the big screen, but also in this highly durable Mighty Wallet. It’s time to take sides, but honestly, money-wise…our money is on Bats! 

– This month’s comic book is very special, since it features our beloved Harley Queen in a crazy, over the top Lootcrate exclusive story where the demented antihero finds a genie in a bottle…you can only imagine the rest of it, but we bet for some adorable mayhem!

– As usual, the huge Lootpin unlocks redeemable online content. This month, it depends on your location. If you are a domestic looter, prepare to enjoy again the classics Aliens or Predator via the Vudu streaming platform. But if you are an international looter, an Alien vs Predator: Three World War digital comic is for you!

Round 1 is finished, but the fight is not over yet…here it comes Level Up!, an old friend that joins the combat with some pretty badass wearables and accessories for all. 

– You sunk my battleship! This original T-shirt reflects the pain and tension of one of the oldest and most beloved “versus” games of all time. Just remember to hide your tiny submarine properly, and everything will be OK.

– If we speak of rivalries, nobody can argue that the grudge between Super Mario and his nemesis Bowser is an absolute milestone. With this long, high-quality socks, the game is never over!

– Girls, it doesn’t matter if your prefer the last son of Krypton or the bat of Gotham: these two silver Batman v Superman necklaces are just amazing to wear in any occasion. Like going to the movies, for example.

– More stuff from DC’s holy Trinity! With this hair ties, you can proudly show your affiliation with the coolest superheroes pantheon ever.

– Marvel time! The other big superhero fight of this year will face the good ol’ Captain America with the uber-cool playboy industrialist Iron Man in their long awaited cinematographic Civil War. No matter who wins, actually, as long as you wear this long sleeved T-shirt to the movie!

– The deadly fight between S.H.I.E.L.D and Hydra agents has a new battleground: your feet! You don’t have to choose a side with these comfy socks featuring the logos of both Marvel organizations.

For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

Next month prepare for an epic adventure, because the April’s Lootcrate topic will be…Quest! The Legend of Zelda! World of Warcraft! Adventure Time! Johnny Quest? We’ll see in a month!

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