Mr Gotham’s Review: Lootcrate April 2016

Remember that moment in The Hobbit when Gandalf tells Bilbo that he’s looking for someone to share in an adventure? April’s Lootcrate tempt us with the same deal: a whole box full of mystery treks, paths of glory and both historically bloody and family friendly adventure. It’s time for a Quest, folks! 

So grab your lemba bread and prepare your countermeasures for those awful critical hits, because it’s time to embark in an epic journey!

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– Let’s begin our adventure with an indisputable classic, shall we? This stunningly pop Exclusive Labyrinth T-shirt will bring tears of joy to both Bowie lovers and nostalgics of this unforgettable family classic alike. You’ll never be forgotten, Goblin King! 

– This one is pretty, pretty cool. Have you ever seen the History Channel’s Vikings show? Well, you should. Seriously. It’s great. You can watch it for free in Hulu plus. Now stop reading and go, goddammit. But If you are already one of Ragnar Lothbrok’s merry band of Nordic looters (pun intended!), now you can drink like them thanks to this amazing and exclusive Vikings drinking horn. It even includes a handy strap. Don’t go pillaging without it!

– Now, let’s go for some video game adventures. No, it’s not Lara Croft, but her most direct successor, the ineffable Nathan Drake in all this glory thanks to this exclusive Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End mini poster.

– Another absolute winner for you, roleplaying addicts. Because you can’t take part in an adventure full of rich vampires, old school orcs or Dark Lords of the Sith without your lucky dice, can you? Now, imagine a pretty cool 100 die. Now, imagine that you could drink it in the heat of the battle. Stop imagining it, because with this amazing exclusive D20 ice mold you can do it. Just hope that this dungeon has no traps, and everything will be all right, 

– With this month’s socks, defeating the evil Voldemort (ups!) should be a piece of cake: all the Harry Potter Horocruxes to the grasp of your feet!

– As usual, the Lootpin unlocks redeemable online content. This month we got lucky and received the golden, exclusive one! But it’s the interior what’s important: Neverwinter, a free action MMORPG based in the acclaimed Dungeons & Dragons.

Keep walking, my dear friend, for the Quest is not over! Here comes, as every month, Level Up!, the perfect squire for share your thirst for adventure…and geeky treasures!!

– Goonies never say die! Show your love for Gordi, Data, Sloth and the rest of the Astoria gang with this uber cool Goonies T-shirt. Just be careful with that pesky Mama Frattelli!

– Need even more clothes? Done! How about this Princess Bride raglan? Hey, you may not find revenge after all, but you can try with some class at least.

– Need some space, girl? Try with these exclusive Star Trek leggings and prepare to cross the last frontier…the real world!

– More socks! Adventure videogames at its best, thanks to The Legend of Zelda and Kingdom Hearts. Take these, it’s dangerous out there! 

For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

Next month you will find the reward to your Quest: Power! Can’t wait to see what will May hold. See you there!

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