Review: Le Mieux Skin Perfecter

I have to admit I’m usually extremely sceptic when it comes to beauty gadgets. I own a wonderfully dry and sensitive skin that doesn’t pair well with many of the electronic face brushes out there in the market, and to be honest I am always on the lookout for gentle yet effective solutions. Dry skin also needs to be deeply cleaned and cared for to avoid having lines and enlarged pores!

When I received a sample of Le Mieux Skin Perfecter I was a bit sceptic of this seemingly magical wand that seemed gentle enough for all skin types. This device markets as a 4-in-1 beauty tool that improves lines and wrinkles, pores, texture, clarity, and smoothness. “Too good to be true,” I thought to myself. Turns out, it has worked great on me.

Le Mieux Skin Perfecter is a ultrasonic beauty tool. Using gentle waves, it acts as a deep cleanser, an exfoliator, an extractor (yep, it extracts imperfections and helps remove blackheads!), and an infuser (helping your skin absorb the serums/oil treatments better.) It promises to improve lines and wrinkles, pores, uneven texture, clarity, and smoothness of the skin in every treatment.

The secret of this sort of magic beauty wand is its capacity of resonating at an amazing 28,000 vibrations per second, which help the device glide gently over wet skin. It’s actually quite amazing to see how it pulverizes water to create non-abrasive micro-exfoliating particles.  Also, it’s quite fun to see how it helps extracting stubborn whiteheads and blackheads (hello, nose area!). However, it should be noted that this product isn’t a good choice for customers using a pacemaker or any other sort of heart assisting devices. As a rule of thumb, if you have a chronic condition it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor prior to using beauty gadgets, whether applied in a salon or at home.

Five Reasons Why I Liked Le Mieux Skin Perfecter

1. It’s gentle enough to use on dry skin: This was my major concern. Many of the beauty gadgets readily available make my skin flake off after a week. I have been using this device for over a month, once or twice a week for a couple of minutes, and the overall aspect of my skin is better. I have the feeling it has much to do with the vibrations boosting the blood circulation, which help regenerate the skin, and its infuser action, helping my serum penetrate my skin cells more efficiently. Whatever the reason, I have clear and brighter skin, and my dull winter tone has improved by 300%.

2. It’s an excellent extractor: If you binge watch YouTube videos showing pimple extractions, you are going to love this device. It is strangely effective in helping getting out really tough blackheads in the nose and the chin area. Although it won’t do the whole job for you, it will help with the toughest part (getting the dirt surfacing.)

3. Surprisingly, it’s also a good cleanser: Although I’m a Foreo girl, I was surprised to see how introducing this gadget once or twice a week in my beauty routine boosted its cleansing action. After using it a few times, I haven’t seen any more traces of make-up in my muslin cloth. Tip: I found it works really great with oil-based cleansers. I used PurErb Deep Cleansing Oil, a totally natural formula, and it worked really well for me.

4. The vibrations actually feel great: With other beauty gadgets I feel like I’m getting a really hard massage, and sometimes the vibrations have given me headaches. This has never happened with Le Mieux Skin Perfecter. Its vibration is soft enough to actually help me relax before going to bed.

5. No additional supplies are required: You purchase one Le Mieux device and that’s it. You don’t have to change any parts, nor it requires additional brushes, cartridges or discs. The green side of me thinks this is a more ecological solution than using devices that have parts filling our landfills.

With all this in mind, I haven’t seen any visible results yet on my fine lines and pores. I understand I’m using it a bit below the recommended usage instructions (3 times a week for 3 minutes), so it might account for that.

How To Use Le Mieux Skin Perfecter

Using this product is a bit different from other beauty gadgets. It is designed to be used on clean and wet skin (so wet your skin thoroughly.) Depending on what you want do do with it, you have to hit the buttons differently:

– Deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction: Press the Mode botton twice and you’ll see a green light appears on the Hi setting. Use the device with the spatula angled downwards, and glide it carefully over your skin.

– Treatment infusing: Put your desired treatment on your skin (serum, oil..) Press the Mode botton three times until you see the green light on the Hi and Pulse settings. Use the flat part of the spatula against the skin to help penetrate the ingredients.

For sensitive skin, turn on the device to use the deep cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction in a low mode. Hit the Mode Button once to access the treatment setting.

My Verdict


All in all, I quite like this product. Although a bit on the pricey side ($189 in QVC, retail $225), after using it a couple of times it beats the price of two facials in a beauty salon in New York City. I also think it’s a good addition for someone with dry skin, which in my experience is something quite rare.


I’m curious about your thoughts… Have you tried Le Mieux Skin Perfecter, or have you landed in this post because you’re considering purchasing it? If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to share my experience with you. Thank you for reading New York For Beginners!


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