Mr. Gotham’s review: Loot Crate January 2016

Lootcrate announced at the end of 2015 that the New Year would bring with it a juicy invasion of tasty new geek collectibles, and true to their word we have in our hands a brand-new crate of pop culture treasures. From the nostalgic Space Invaders “little aliens” to the long-awaited The X-Files return, including eternal classics like Alien and The Fifth Element, this invasion truly has everything to please any sci-fi fan.

This is all we can find in this crate. May the invasion begin!

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        An X-Files T-shirt to commemorate the return of the most beloved TV paranormal investigators. Mulder and Scully are back…what better way to celebrate it than proudly wear this Threadless exclusive? 

– Without a doubt one of the most adorable items ever packed in a Lootcrate, the under other circumstances terrifying Alien Facehugger plush is cute as hell. Now I will take that hug! 

– Both iconic and psychodelic, the Space Invader figurine is a “must have” for all of you “old school” gamers. 

– In my nerdy and humble opinion, the best thing from this crate: a Multipass extracted from the cult movie The Fifth Element. Recreated in exquisite detail, this replica of the prop that Leeloo (brilliantly performed by Milla Jovovich) in one of the funniest sequences of the film made me jump from my seat when I saw it at the bottom of the box. Everything is settled to add your own card in order to request access wherever you go. Superb! 

– Another goodie that will be appreciated for sure by the good ol’ sci-fi movies, this set of The Day the Earth Stood Still and The War of the Worlds (no, not the Tom Cruise remake) art prints adds a vintage touch to the January collection. 

– If the truth it’s out there, you will need to lighten up your way if you don’t want to discover some nasty surprises. Luckily Lootcrate has it covered, and not only includes an insanely cool The X-Files licensed LED flashlight…but also the batteries! Bravo. 

– The cherry on the top, the traditional collector’s pin included in every Lootcrate now allows us to unlock hidden extra features online. This mont, a Comixology digital comic

But that’s not all, folks…if you are one of the lucky ones subscribed to that tempting extra treat called Level Up! you still have invasion for a while. 

This month’s Level Up! contents include: 

– A badass hoodie packed with Space Invaders to show the world that you were born with a gamepad in your hands. 

– ¡Yes, socks! This time Bioworld and The X-Files are the franchises that keep your feet warm with the geeky style that you deserve. 

– With St. Valentines just around the corner, Lootcrate’s team didn’t want to be outdone and has managed to bring you something to share all your 8-bit love with a T-shirt displaying the Space Invaders in a lovely heart-shaped formation. Deep inside, they are such a romantic bunch! 

– This month’s accessory will surely please the most demanding trekkie couple: a stunning two-piece necklace with the Star Trek Federation emblem to enjoy a long and prosper life with your other half. 

“Dead” is the key word that will define February’s crate. The Walking Dead, Deadpool…¡man, I’m dying to see it! For more information, please visit Loot Crate’s website.

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