Red carpet beauty tricks to score a new job

Are you an obsessive-compulsive list maker? If your answer is yes, you’ve found your twin soul in this blog. I adore creating long, detailed lists to be more efficient. And this country gives me the perfect excuse, with gorgeous list-making notebooks everywhere.

So I got myself a wonderful notebook to start my traditional New Year List. My goals might be a bit different from yours: Get used to a new culture, make American friends, not get lost in Central Park when looking for the Turtle Pond, practice my French skills, discover a few more states… and score a new job.

There’s one universal rule to job-hunting: You never have a second chance to make a great first impression. So, with award season at its peak, I wanted to share with you a few red carpet tricks and products I’ve recently discovered to look my best at potential job interviews.

A good skin is the best foundation for any look. I’ve always been a fan of light therapy, which I tested back in Spain for a skin disorder with amazing results. I was very surprised to see you can actually buy personal light therapy devices in America for very reasonably prices, like the Anti-Acne illuMask (rrpp $30, at Although I’ve never tested this precise model personally, I can say light therapy can be a great ally to treat sensitive skin like mine. As these kind of treatments don’t contain chemicals or UV rays, they eliminate the bacterias responsible for acne outbreaks gently and safely.


It is also important not to neglect the power of a great foundation. I can personally recommend two brands that always work wonders for me: Clarins and Josie Maran. Because my skin is dry and sensitive (one of the worst possible combinations for a harsh winter), I need to rely on highly hydrating formulas. Clarins Skin Illusion Natural Radiance Light Reflecting Foundation ($40) is one of my secret weapons for the winter, when my skin turns dull and a bit greyish. Also, I recently tested at Sephora the new Josie Maran Argan Matchmaker Serum Foundation
($42) and I was amazed by it. It’s not only perfectly hydrating, but also an ally for those who don’t have the time to figure out what their skin tone is. This product goes on white and self -adjusts to match your exact skin tone. This means you can also use it in the summer, when your skin is naturally sun-kissed.

For a perfect salon-styled hair, it’s important to have the right tools. I’ve always trusted Philip B. for this matter, ever since I discovered his products six years ago in my first trip to the USA. His Stroke of Genius Large Round Brush ($75), packed with dense boar bristles reinforced by nylon, is great for lifting roots and achieving the perfect volume even in the coldest of days. When I want to indulge my curls, I use specific tools, like the DevaFuser ($45) and DevaDryer by DevaCurl.


Finally, a perfectly polished manicure can make the difference between you and the next candidate. Once, a recruiter confessed to me he always looked at the hands of the candidates. To achieve “airbrushed” flawless nails that scream what a neat person you are, you can try Lauren B. Beauty Nail Couture’s Nail Perfecter ($20). One coat smoothes out ridges, masks spots or discoloration and leaves a pretty matte finish. If you can’t live without nail polish, try out a pink ballerina shade that compliments your skin tone. Essie Ballet Slippers is my personal favorite!

Do you have any red-carpet beauty tips and tricks to make a great impression in a job interview?

Full disclosure level 0: I was not financially compensated for this post. I didn’t receive samples. The opinions are completely my own.


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