Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cote Brings Non-Toxic Nail Salon to New York City

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New Yorkers looking for a non-toxic nail salon, rejoice! Cote, the made-in-Cali pioneer in 10-free nail polishes, has opened its latest hotspot in New York City. Fellow beauty Gothamists, you should really check it out for non-toxic manis and pedis with a touch of free rosé. It really doesn't get any better than that!

cote opens non-toxic nail salon New York City East Village

Imagine going to a nail salon where you can breathe in oxygen instead of acetone or God-knows-what free-flowing toxic components. Cote's nail salon is a dream come true for the beauty-obsessed looking for healthier options. A green beauty staple in L.A., its second salon opened recently in the heart of the vibrant East Village, very close to the NYU main campus.

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If getting a non-toxic mani-pedi is not a good excuse for you to visit Cote, hear this: It is a cash-free spot. No more frentic running to the ATM to get a couple extra dollars to tip your technician or digging in your purse to destroy the nails you just got done. A quick swipe of the card gets the affair done. To make your life even more convenient, tips are included in the service price. Woohoo!

cote non-toxic nail salon NYC review at

Are you in a hurry? The signature service of this non-toxic nail salon is the "quick cote": a polish change with a careful nail reshaping for just $20. For those of you muttering under your breath that 10-free polishes aren't sturdy enough, hear this: My manicure lasted a full week impeccable, and my nails were healthy when I removed the polish. Just in time to rock some of this year's beauty trends: Bare nails.

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The salon's space has brought some of the artsy vibe of LA too. Mary Lennon, the co-founder of the brand, told me that they had a curator to hand-pick the items sold in the store, which are artisanal finds coming from different countries.

cote offers non-toxic 10-free mani pedis in New York with free rose - review at

Having a hard time at the office? Head down to Cote's salon to enjoy a beautiful and fast nontoxic mani with free-flowing rose. You'll thank me later for the scoop!

cote NYC
100 East 13th Street NYC

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