Friday, March 31, 2017

The Choosy Chick: A one-stop-shop for your nontoxic needs

The Choosy Chick is one of those select few places where they carefully curate everything they sell so you know your products won't have any nasty synthetic ingredients. Everything that is sold at The Choosy Chick conforms to their stringent guidelines as it's designed to take off the guesswork for your nontoxic beauty and lifestyle needs. 

I personally find this to be a genius idea! In a world filled with bogus natural claims and strange marketing verbiage, it can be daunting to start a cleaner beauty routine without a Chemistry degree.

The Choosy Chick sent me a package with four of their bestselling goodies, and Margot, one of the co-founders, took the time to chat with me. Do you want to know what you can expect from your Choosy Chick experience? Keep reading!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Sneak Peek: LOVE GOODLY April / May Box

LOVE GOODLY creates eco-luxury bimonthly subscription boxes. The contents are carefully curated to fit a green lifestyle mindset, and their goal is to help women discover the highest quality vegan, toxin-free beauty & wellness products to encourage healthier living.

Just in time for Earth Month, LOVE GOODLY is releasing the mother of all green boxes filled to the brim with nontoxic goodies. And, as luck has it, I know what's going to be included in the April / May LOVE GOODLY box. Read more to know all the juicy deets, and if you like what you see order yours before they run out of them!

Friday, March 24, 2017

FreeBird Organics: Natural Antiaging Skincare Made in the USA

Finding handmade anti-aging skincare made in the USA is somewhat difficult. If you want to be able to pronounce what you're putting on your skin and ensure the formula is nontoxic and has zero nasties, the story gets more complicated. That's why I was very happy to be selected by the OBL club to test FreeBird Organics, an American company that handcrafts natural skincare products with organic ingredients. This eco-friendly company is the dream of every green gal, and I wanted to share my unbiased review and why I can recommend its products!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review: Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser

Review of organic aromas essential oil diffuser

If you're trying to incorporate an essential oil diffuser in your life, you've arrived at the right post. Diffusing essential oils is a great way to perfume your house without synthetic fragrances, and it can also enhance your mood or even help clean your apartment from airborne germs. I recently received a sample of an Organic Aromas Essential Oil Diffuser to test, and I wanted to share my experience as this is really the Rolls-Royce when it comes to diffusing essential oils. 

organic aromas essential oils diffuser on a table with flowers

Let me start by saying that not all diffusers are created equal. The vast majority are made out of plastic and work by heating up a mixture of water and essential oils into a mist. Although there's technically nothing wrong with that, if you're an essential oil freak like me you might want to consider nebulization as an alternative. Plus, if you're trying to reduce your exposure to plastic, it makes sense to look into alternatives that don't heat it up and spread those particles in the air. Just sayin'.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Review: Faerie's Dance, the Organic Cotton Bra Revolution

faerie's dance organic cotton bra review

If you've been struggling to find an organic cotton bra, you're not alone: They really are hard to come by. And, most of the time, all you can get is a very basic model that can be very far from what you had in mind. 

However, I recently discovered an online marketplace that carries all sorts of options for those looking into organic cotton lingerie: Faerie's Dance.

The Product: Alba Padded Underwire Bra ($42)

I have to confess I've been trying to find a good organic cotton bra for quite a while. Although there are many wonderful options out there that provide somewhat good support, I was specifically looking for an organic cotton bra with non-toxic padding. Yes, non-toxic padding. That is a thing. I recently received a sample for consideration of a nontoxic padded bra from Faerie's Dance, one of the largest retailers of organic cotton apparel in the US, and I was so positively surprised that I wanted to share my experience with you. 

The Alba Padded Underwire Bra is one of the most perfect creations of Love Nature. Conceived as the perfect T-shirt bra, it features organic cotton and a very special padding: It is made from a recyclable blend of cotton batting that is also certified organic by Oeko-Tex, the gold standard in the green industry. Also, this bra is completely chemical-free, latex-free, and polyurethane-free.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Robin McGraw Revelation Luxury Skincare Review

Robin McGraw recently hit the news with the launch of her new luxury skincare line Revelation. The well-known TV personality, philanthropist, and two-times New York Times bestselling author recently partnered up with Dr. Jessica Wu to launch a luxury skincare line with 14 professional-grade products.  New York For Beginners attended the launch event and received some samples to test the new luxury skincare line created by Robin McGraw.

The Vision

In the presentation event, Robin McGraw explained her vision for this new luxury division of her acclaimed lifestyle brand, insisting on the concept that women have to take care of themselves first, which is often dismissed by society.  "I want to encourage women to put themselves first, understand that they deserve to embrace their own beauty, health, and happiness, to know they must take care of themselves so they can take care of those they love," said McGraw. "It is never too late to start taking care of yourself. You deserve to love who you see in the mirror and what you feel once you put yourself at the top of the list."

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Mr. Gotham's Review: Lootcrate March 2017

Genetically engineered dinosaurs, indestructible blood-thirsty mutants, super intelligent gorillas, relentless aliens keen on human hunts...boy, it's a wild Spring for Lootcrate!
Savage creatures from some of the coolest pop culture franchises ever unleash their fury this month in a crate that will reveal your inner animal.

(Para la versión en español, pincha en este enlace)

Mr Gotham's Review: Lootcrate Marzo 2017

Dinosaurios genéticamente modificados, mutantes indestructibles sedientos de sangre, gorilas superinteligentes, alienígenas expertos en cacerías humanas...¡la primavera ha llegado fuerte a Lootcrate! Criaturas salvajes procedentes de todos los rincones de la cultura popular desatan su furia este mes en una crate que sacará sin duda el animal que llevas dentro.