Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Counting Down to the Beauty Advent Calendars

The Holiday season is upon us and having an Advent Calendar is a tradition I've always cherished. Opening a window to reveal a new image every day until it was Christmas day was a big part of my childhood, and I've made a point to continue this tradition as an adult. 

Although I always have a traditional one in hand, I love the new trend of beauty advent calendars that gift a new treat every day. We all work very hard, so it's very nice to have a little surprise to look forward to no matter how busy you'll be that day. Plus, as the treats are usually small, they're a terrific way to sample new products before purchasing full size or to even build your personal travel beauty bag.

Of all the beauty advent calendars out there, these are my picks for this year. **Spoiler alert: I'm disclosing some of the contents**

Ulta 12 Days Of Beauty ($18)

Ulta has always been my go-to place to enjoy an amazing evening surrounded by beauty products. They literally have everything a beauty addict could wish for! That's why I loved the idea of the Ulta 12 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar. It's filled to the brim with products worth $74 and it only costs $18.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ethan Allen x Disney : A Must-Have Collaboration

Ethan Allen Disney Collection

Celebrated home furnishings brand Ethan Allen, officially launched its exclusive Disney collection on the birthday of everyone’s favorite animated character: Mickey Mouse.

Imagine you can bring to life some of your favorite characters from when you were a kid. Ethan Allen x Disney is exactly that: A mastermind solution for those adults who cherish their Disney memories and want to find stylish furniture for their kids (or for themselves!) Some of their pieces are authentic must-haves in any discerning household. Care to join us in this magical travel?

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Best Black Friday Beauty and Fashion Deals

Are you looking to score big beauty and fashion deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016? You're not alone. Going to a mall after Thanksgiving is a feat that should be featured in the next Indiana Jones movie. 

To save you a bit of time, I always recommend to plan ahead and try to shop online as much as you can. If you keep a list of what you need to buy, you'll be able to save real money (as opposed to impulse shopping when the deals are in sight, something we all are guilty of!)

In the spirit of saving, I have selected some of my favorite Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2016 beauty and fashion deals. As usual, I also include 100% natural and organic options for those of you interested in a greener beauty and lifestyle regime. Enjoy!

The Body Shop: A Cult Classic

The Body Shop runs a lot of Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions that make holiday shopping or self-indulging a breeze. My favorite one is their fantastic Black Friday Tote Bag (that I started collecting a couple of years ago), which this year includes $145 in products for just $35 when you make a purchase of $33 or more.

The Body Shop Black Friday Tote Bag 2016 includes: Lip Butter Coconut .34 oz, Shea Body Butter 6.76 oz, Shea Shower Cream 8.4 oz, Satsuma Body Polish 6.7 oz, Satsuma Shower Gel 8.4 oz. Hemp Hand Protector 3.4 oz, Mini Olive Body Scrub, Gentle Camomile Eye Makeup Remover 8.45 oz, Tea Tree Oil .34 oz, and Vitamin E Night Cream 1.7 oz.

Do you crave more insane savings for your beauty purchases? The Body Shop will sell their celebrated medium gift sets for $30, their small gift sets for $15, and their classic promo of 3 products for $33 dollars.

Shop 'til you drop at www.thebodyshop-usa.com

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Mr Gotham's Review: Lootcrate Noviembre 2016

Pocas cosas resultan tan fascinantes, misteriosas y desconocidas como la magia. Elemento indispensable en algunas de las más exitosas sagas de la cultura popular, la existencia de la magia es una fantasía con la que el ser humano lleva soñando desde que tiene uso de razón. La magia da vida a nuestro niño interior, impulsándonos a creer en lo imposible contra todo pronóstico y haciéndonos soñar con poderosos hechiceros, niños magos y poderes más allá de toda comprensión racional.
Por ello, Lootcrate ha reunido para el mes de noviembre una arcana colección de artefactos geek destinada a hechizar hasta al fan más exigente de las artes místicas.
Preparáos para una Lootcrate repleta de encantamientos, conjuros y hechicería oculta que tendrás que ver para creer. ¡Abracadabra!

Mr Gotham's Review: Lootcrate November 2016

Few things are more fascinating, compelling or unknown than magic. Indispensable element in some of the biggest pop culture sagas, magic's existence has always been a recurring fantasy with which humans have been dreaming since we learned to use our imaginations. Magic feeds our inner child, encouraging us to believe in the impossible against all odds and making us dream with powerful sorcerers, prophetic wizard kids and powers that go far beyond any rational standard.
With all that in mind, the Lootcrate crew has gathered an arcane collection of geek artifacts for November's crate able to bewitch the most exigent mystic arts follower.
For the Eye of Agamotto, behold, for this is a Lootcrate filled with enchantments, spells and forbidden sorcery that will test your beliefs. Abracadabra!

(Para la versión en español, pincha en este enlace)

Friday, November 18, 2016

Pour Un Homme De Caron Sport: An Olfactory Adventure

I have written about niche perfumes for nearly a decade, and I vividly remember two of my most rewarding moments in the profession: The first one happened a few years ago in Madrid, when I was lucky enough to interview Francis Kurkidjan, a living legend and enfant terrible of what is considered to be modern perfumery. The second, and most memorable, happened a few months back in New York when I was able to have the most meaningful conversation with Romain Alès, the CEO of CARON Paris and custodian of one of the oldest and most celebrated French perfume houses. 

When New York For Beginners was invited to cover the launch of Pour Un Homme de CARON Sport in Manhattan, we simply couldn't refuse the invitation for all the right reasons. CARON is one of the few perfume houses that has been able to marry tradition, savoir-faire, and an exquisite and impeccable taste for scents to create cult fragrances that resonate with multiple generations. 

Just in time for the holiday season, CARON has launched in the US this spin on one of their most celebrated fragrance. Pour Un Homme de CARON Sport speaks to the next generation of discerning gentlemen, who appreciate the art of artisanal fragrances that, like a good whiskey, only get better with age. The Flatiron Room, a renowned and exclusive jazz bar boasting the biggest selection of whiskeys in all Manhattan was the perfect environment for the festivities, oozing the upscale artisanal qualities that mirror the brand’s own.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Best Bath Products for the Cold Weather

I don't know about you, but I love taking hot baths to soak away my stress after a hectic day. With the weather turning colder in New York and the festivities around the corner, I am bringing you my most personal selection of gorgeous bath products to unwind before a big family gathering or a salary negotiation.

Are you thinking that you can only carve 10 minutes to relax before dinner? I've got you covered! Do you like to use all-natural products on your skin? You won't be disappointed; in this list there are totally natural options for those of you willing to use a simpler and cleaner beauty routine. 

I hope you're reading this article from the comfort of your home, because I guarantee you'll want to draw a hot bath immediately!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Tani USA Review: This is What Luxurious Underwear Feels Like

If you've followed my last posts, I'm pretty sure you'll have noticed a pattern: I'm a sucker for all things nice AND comfortable. Today, I want to share my experience with Tani USA Underwear, a line of premium undies with high-tech fibers and beautiful design. 

Luxurious underwear should feel good and look great (that's why you're paying a lot of money for it instead of settling for a regular brand widely available!). However, I've had some bad experiences with fibers that weren't adequate to use in intimates (as in literally itchy), or with poor quality panties that ended up being a victim of my washing policies (as in I do not tolerate dirty clothes, full stop.)

Tani USA has been quite a surprise for me. To start with, they use very interesting materials designed to make you forget you're wearing underwear in the first place. Second, their pieces feel good and look great, with a true-to-size design that compliments my curves. Finally, their underwear is built to last. After a month of use, I couldn't see any visible sign of wear and tear. Nada. Not even on the elastic waistband, which as we know is the Nemesis of every washer/dryer.

Want to know which are my favorite pieces from Tani USA? Keep reading!

Monday, November 7, 2016

Las 5 mejores pizzas de Nueva York

Fotografía: Time Out magazine

Nueva York es sinónimo de pizza. Más incluso que de cheesecake o hamburguesa, la ciudad que nunca duerme está absolutamente loca por ella, y probablemente no haya otro lugar en la faz de la tierra (aparte de Italia, evidentemente) donde se reverencie de igual manera a este insuperable alimento. Sorry, Chicago.

El amor de Nueva York hacia la pizza se ve a simple a vista, con literalmente cientos de establecimientos, desde ruinosos y convenientes parlors de slices a $1 a lujosos restaurantes frecuentados por todo tipo de famosos, donde disfrutar de algunas de las mejores pizzas de los Estados Unidos. El romance entre Gotham y la mozzarella se remonta muchos años atrás, y por ello no sorprende que históricamente Nueva York sea uno de los mejores lugares del mundo donde degustar una buena pizza. 

Pese a lo complicado que resulta establecer un ranking con las cinco mejores pizzas de Nueva York, hemos intentado recopilar nuestras favoritas. Si estáis locos por este tesoro napolitano, no quedaréis decepcionados en ninguno de estos templos de la pizza neoyorkina. Comenzamos.

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Naot Shoes Review: Comfort meets Fashion

Fall is finally here! I have to admit it's my favorite season for two reasons: It's my B-Day and it's the time for boots. Speaking of boots, today I want to share my experience with Naot, a brand that produces extremely comfortable shoes with very nice designs. 

For me, finding the right boot that I can wear to work and date nights is always a hassle. I have a very high arch on my feet, small ankles, and lower back pain. That means most boots with a bit of heel are either too big, uncomfortable, or make me look like a clown. On the other hand, it is hard to find a comfortable boot that doesn't look orthopedic or a wardrobe malfunction. The struggle is real!

That is why I was extremely happy to discover Naot. This company has raving reviews from physicians and customers alike, and I was very excited to find The. Perfect. Boot in their Fall catalog. Its name is Stunning and is my new BBF (Best Boot Forever.)

Comfortable shoes that are fashionable and sweatshop-free? Yes, they exist. You can thank me later!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Presentación Nissan Rogue Star Wars: Rogue One

El pasado miércoles 26 de octubre fuimos invitados por Nissan y Disney a asistir a la presentación en exclusiva del nuevo modelo de la marca de automóviles inspirado en el esperadísimo e inminente estreno de Rogue One, la nueva entrega de la saga Star Wars que llegará a los cines el próximo 16 de diciembre.

El Nissan Star Wars: Rogue One Limited Edition será presentado oficialmente en el Los Angeles Auto Show que tendrá lugar del 18 al 27 de noviembre, tras lo cual estará a la venta tanto en el mercado estadounidense como en el canadiense.

Multimasking with The Body Shop Expert Facial Masks

As multimasking is making big waves in the beauty world, it's no wonder why The Body Shop has decided to launch a complete collection of facial masks to cater to literally every single skin concern. Made with 100% vegetarian ingredients and superfoods, they are inspired by traditional beauty remedies from around the world.

Multimasking is the art of using different masks on your face at the same time to tackle at once different skin concerns. This makes a lot of sense given the majority of the population has combination skin, which can shift depending on internal or external agents (stress, health issues, weather changes... you name it!). I, for one, have very dry skin, but still need to detox my nose and forehead from time to time, which are prone to impurities.

The new Expert Facial Masks by The Body Shop are designed to create your own personalized skincare regime. You can either use two or more of them at the same time to target different areas of concern (I wouldn't recommend actually layering or blending them together), or just the one mask you might need at a particular moment. This way you can give each section of your skin the attention it needs. 

There is an Expert Facial Mask for every conceivable skin need. Care to discover them? Keep reading!