Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Easy Halloween Skull Make-Up Tutorial

I love this time of the year! Halloween is a big festivity in New York City that brings out the most creative ideas from gothamists and visitors. Jack O' Lanterns, Ghost Tours, Haunted Houses, and terrific parades are just a small piece of what you can do and see in New York City for the next couple of weeks (for some ideas, please visit my article about the Best Halloween 2015 Plans in New York City.)

Because New Yorkers have virtually no free time, I wanted to bring you a quick and easy make-up tutorial to dress up as a skeleton. You will only need a few products that you very likely already own, a good mirror, your creativity, and a good make-up remover. And remember: Work with your mistakes! This make-up has a lot of free-hand drawing, so make the most of your ideas and don't fret over perfection!

Friday, October 23, 2015

From Japan with love: New DHC beauty products

A few years ago, I stumbled upon my first Japanese beauty product in a trip to Paris. In one of my many excursions roaming freely around the city (mind you, with no map and no smartphone), I stumbled upon a small Japanese shop and bought myself a magazine which contained a sample of DHC's one and only Deep Cleansing Oil. It was love at first sight, but I wasn't able to procure myself a full size bottle until a few years later thanks to an online store. To my knowledge, the brand isn't sold yet in my country (sigh.)

A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to an event where DHC presented its latest novelties. Being myself a huge fan of the brand I couldn't say no! Like Julius Caesar, I went, I saw and I conquered. And these are my impressions of the new lines of DHC:

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Best Halloween 2015 Plans in New York City

'Tis the season to start digging our coats and preparing for the winter. Even though it is only October, a few Canadian gusts of wind leave behind a chilly trail that keep most (or at least myself) longing for spring to come.

However, and despite the dropping temperatures, no city celebrates Fall and Halloween like New York City. Get yourself ready for spook-tacular events, giant Corn Mazes, K-9 Halloween costume competitions, Jack' O Lanterns, and haunted houses.

Gothamists and visitors alike, are you ready for the best Halloween 2015 plans in New York City?

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

New Room Spray signed Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon, one of the oldest French candlemakers, has a plan to sabotage my saving efforts. They know me so well that they've decided to give me a solution to my constant fear of setting my house (inadvertently) on fire by using scented candles. This mythic Maison has just launched the most luxurious and decadent room spray.

I have to confess this product has been haunting my dreams since I got their press release. I am a perfume person, and I love creating different ambiances in my house using scents. Cire Trudon's scented candles are, in my opinion, the best along with Dyptique's and Annick Goutal's. They are painstakingly manufactured with high-quality essential oils, thus creating no potential health risks (contrary to those manufactured with synthetic fragrances, which have been pointed out as the cause of many respiratory problems.) However, there is always an inherent risk in the combination of myself+ a scented candle: I might forget to blow it away before heading to Manhattan in a rush.

That is why I adore this new version of my favorite home scents: Cire Trudon Les Parfums d’Intérieur. It is a collection of carefully hand-crafted room sprays inside decadent atomizers. Ever with an eye to design and form, Cire Trudon has created its luxurious packaging with handmade bottles in molded green glass from Vinci, Italy. What's more: The beautiful atomizers are rechargeable, making them a one-time investment.

According to Cire Trudon's artisans, their Les Parfums d'Interieur are a cult object for those who take the French art the vivre to its latest extent. As I am very consistent with my tastes, I have dutifully jotted this wonderful invention down in my letter to Santa.

Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Holland & Sherry Bespoke, Aedes de Venustas, and Gentry carry Cire Trudon's products. The room spray is sold for $190, and the classic candles retail for $95.
Disclaimer level 0: The author received no compensation to write about this product.

Nuevo spray de ambiente de Cire Trudon

Cire Trudon ha decidido que tengo que romper la hucha (o empezar a hacer una lista muy larga para los Reyes Magos). Como me conocen fenomenal, y saben que siempre me da yuyu haberme dejado las velas perfumadas encendidas cuando salgo de casa, la mítica Maison acaba de lanzar un vaporizador de ambiente cuidado hasta el mas mínimo detalle. 
Sin llamas y totalmente resistente a cabezas tan olvidadizas como la mía, sus vaporizadores son una obra maestra de la perfumería nicho para el hogar. El packaging no puede ser más hedonista: un maravilloso spray de vidrio verde artesanal, con una pera estilo vintage rematada en dorado y en armonía con el logo de la Maison. Como afirman ellos mismos, es un objeto de culto imprescindible para quienes llevan el arte de vivir hasta las últimas consecuencias.
Y como yo soy muy consecuente, ya me lo he apuntado en mi lista de 'musts' de cara a la nueva temporada. 

Los productos de Cire Trudon se venden en Estados Unidos en Bergdorf Goodman, Barneys, Saks Fifth Avenue, Holland & Sherry Bespoke, Aedes de Venustas, y Gentry. El precio del ambientador es de $190, y las velas clásicas de la firma cuestan $95.

Disclaimer level 0: El autor de este post no ha recibido compensación económica para escribir sobre el producto. Este post contiene información general y opiniones propias.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Laura Luna, an alternative model breaking the norms of the fashion industry

Let me In, by Carlos Vaquero. Via: Laura Luna

Have you ever wondered what would your life look like if you had made different choices? Do you find yourself musing about what you really want to do, while your life seems trapped in an endless succession of worryingly identical days?
I must confess that was my case before I decided to leave everything behind and start living adventures in New York City. However, long before I made my decision, there was someone in my life brave enough to follow her dreams, against the norms that society dictated. That person is my really talented friend Laura Luna, who decided in her late twenties that being an awesome translator and published author was not enough. She decided to become an alternative model and an actress, regardless of the beauty canons ruthlessly imposed by the fashion industry.
I'm really proud to bring you today one of the most insightful interviews I've ever conducted. Ladies and gentlemen, may I present you Laura Luna and an interview that I hope will change your views about self-acceptance, body image, and the courage to follow your dreams. Please don't hesitate to share your views on body image on the comment section below, and be part of the conversation!