Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Flexible Hold Hairspray

I have to confess I have a penchant for niche, small brands modeled after the vision of entrepreneurs motivated to 'make something better.' Along these lines, I have recently discovered Carol's Daughter, a natural Brooklyn-based beauty brand that has recently turned twenty. Natural and local? It couldn't get any better! Or could it?

Turns out Carol's Daughter has a product formulated with Monoi (yep, the secret beauty weapon coming straight from Polynesia) that promises to keep hold of locks even in the dog days of the New York City summer.

The new Monoi Repairing Flexible Hold Hairspray is described as giving buildable, brushable, and invisible hold. No flakes, no sticky strands of hair in the 80s fashion. Made with Monoi oil, Carol's Daughter hairspray promises holding power without leaving any kind of residue. According to the brand, this product was created to specifically style, brush, and restyle without breakage with a unique formula that can stand up to humidity.

As I said, its main ingredient is Monoi Oil, a maceration of the petals of Tahitian gardenias in coconut oil. This very oil is what Polynesian men and women use to help undo and prevent damage to hair, and get gorgeous, glowing skin with a faint scent of paradise. To boost the action of this oil, Carol's Daughter hairspray is formulated with vitamin E to shield hair from humidity, and pro-vitamin B5 to help condition hair and enhance its natural shine.

Carol’s Daughter Monoi Flexible Hold Hairspray ($18) is already available at Ulta and

I have seen many raving reviews about the product and the brand, and I'm curious as to whether you've tested it. Please feel free to leave your impressions in the 'comment' section below :)

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  1. Thank you for this post. I was looking for a flexible hold spray for my wedding next week in Long Island!

  2. I will try this before sharing with @ least one of my daughters

  3. I will try this before sharing with @ least one of my daughters


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