Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sunscreen 101 by Dr. Julia Tzu

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National Sunscreen Day should be a reminder on how to protect our body's largest organ: The skin. However, many people still hold a few misconceptions about how and when to use sunscreen. Dr. Julia Tzu, a double board certified dermatologist and Medical Director/Founder of Wall Street Dermatology, offers the following easy-to-remember tips:

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Pureology: Two-in-one hairstyle for Memorial Day

Looking for fresh and easy hairstyle ideas for your busy Memorial Day weekend? Think no more. With this tutorial, you'll be able to quickly take your look from the poolside to a night on the town without skipping a beat with a “two looks, one technique” style from Pureology Artist Sandra Joseph.

Creating a bubble ponytail

1. Begin by taking a parting above the left corner of the eye and slicing a diagonal line to the right corner in the back of the head. This will create two large sections of hair. Keeping the hair soft, apply a small amount of Pureology Colour Stylist Anti Breakage Twist shine texturizer throughout both sections to add extra texture and shine.

2. Secure a ponytail with an elastic in the right section. Add another elastic 1-2 inches beneath the first elastic. Push up the second elastic to create a bubble.

3. Gather all hair from the left section and secure with an elastic to the right ponytail, making one ponytail. Add another elastic 1-2 inches lower and again, push up the elastic to create a bubble. Continue this pattern until you reach the end of the ponytail. Layer Pureology Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray throughout the Bubble Pony for added support and shine.

4. To create a finished look, drape the Bubble Ponytail over one shoulder.

Creating a bubble chignon

5. For an easy chignon, take the Bubble Ponytail you created using the above steps and roll around the base, securing with bobby pins. Finish with another light mist of Pureology Strengthening Control zero dulling hairspray for added hold.

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Universal Studios: Lights, camera... attraction!

Hollywood: Undisputable Mecca of professional actors, lifelong dream to celebrity wannabes and, yes, the home of the most famous giant sign in the world. The shiniest stars in the planet share space with hardcore moviegoers, excited honeymooners and noisy families, all of them eager to be a part of the surreal and unreachable world of their idols, either enrolling a guided tour among their Beverly Hills mansions or just taking hundreds of photographs to the star-filled sidewalks of the biggest scenario in the world.

Yes, Hollywood is a formidable destination. A place where you can feel the excitement of the Oscars night inside the Kodak Theatre, compare the sizes of your hands and feet with your favorite actors in the historical landmark Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, and visit gift shops that are an absolute nirvana for devotes of the Seventh Art. But if you think the Walk of Fame is the essence of Hollywood, wait until you read our review of one of the best and most successful theme parks in America, where you can visit in situ the sets where the icons of both small and big screen have performed some of their more memorable roles while enjoying the best attractions that an amusement park can offer. Movies and rollercoasters…can be anything better? Welcome to Universal Studios Hollywood, realm of the family entertainment and absolute paradise for the movie lover.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Universal Studios Hollywood: luces, cámara…¡atracción!

Hollywood. Meca indiscutible de actores profesionales, sueño eterno para aspirantes a famoso y, sí, hogar del letrero gigante más famoso del mundo. Aquí las estrellas más brillantes de la pantalla comparten espacio con recién casados en su luna de miel, cinéfilos de todo tipo y pelaje y ruidosas familias numerosas. Criaturas todas ellas ansiosas por formar parte del surrealista e inalcanzable mundo de sus ídolos, ya sea en un tour guiado por sus mansiones en Beverly Hills o tomando cientos de fotografías en las estrelladas aceras del escenario más grande jamás creado. 

Sí, Hollywood es un destino sensacional. Un lugar donde es fácil sentir en tu piel la emoción de la noche de los Oscar dentro del Kodak Theatre, comparar el tamaño de tus manos y pies con el de tus actores favoritos en el histórico Grauman’s Chinese Theatre y visitar tiendas de recuerdos que son lo más parecido al nirvana para los devotos del Séptimo Arte. Pero si pensáis que el Paseo de la Fama es la esencia de Hollywood, esperad a leer nuestro análisis de uno de los mejores parques temáticos de América, donde visitar in situ los sets utilizados por los iconos de la pequeña y la gran pantalla mientras liberas adrenalina en las mejores atracciones que un parque temático puede ofrecer es la definición de un día corriente. Películas y montañas rusas… ¿qué más se puede pedir? Bienvenidos a Universal Studios Hollywood, reino del entretenimiento familiar y paraíso en la Tierra para los amantes del cine.

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